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10 reasons to choose our Dyker Heights and DUMBO Lights Tour

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights House Lucy Spata

Our Dyker Heights and Dumbo Christmas Lights Tour is the best way to experience the magic of the Christmas season in New York City.

During the Christmas season in New York City, the Dyker Heights & Dumbo tour is one of the most popular experiences in the city.

In 2021, more than 2,500 guests joined our tour.

Our Christmas Lights Bus Tour was offered to more than 4,000 persons in 2022.

In 2023 we are aiming for 5,000 guests, always maintaining the quality of service that has set us apart in recent years.

With expert guidance and convenient transportation options, exclusive discounts and a flexible cancellation policy, our tour is designed to bring you the best Christmas adventure in Dyker Heights and Dumbo.

So, here are ten reasons why our Dyker Heights and Dumbo Christmas Lights Tour should be at the top of your list of things to see this Christmas in New York City.

Reason #1: Our Dyker Heights and DUMBO Christmas Lights Tour is an memorable experience

Our Dyker Heights and Dumbo Christmas lights tour offers a unique and special experience.

Our quality bus tours will take you from Times Square through two of Brooklyn’s most famous neighborhoods: Dyker Heights and DUMBO.

During the first stop, Dyker Heights, you will have an hour to admire the holiday lights, the Christmas Houses, the festive decorations and installations. This italian american neighborhood is a must-visit during the Holiday Season in New York. The walking tour includes a visit in front of the house of Lucy Spata. This is the Christmas House that started the tradition of Dyker Lights.

The second stop of our Christmas Lights Tour is in DUMBO, one of the most incredible areas in Brooklyn.

Here we will have 45 minutes to admire the Manhattan Skyline at night. We can promise you that you will never forget the views of the Manhattan Skyline at night.

If you wish, you will also have sufficient time to enjoy a slice of New York-style pizza before heading back to Times Square.

Both the stops are always under the careful guidance of our very talented and experienced tour guides.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour Green House

Reason #2: Expert Tour Guides

All the tour guides on our Dyker Heights & DUMBO Christmas Tour have multiple years of experience in the tourism industry.

We only work with people who put the customer first: before, during and after the tour.

We are very proud to announce that also for the 2023 Dyker Heights and DUMBO Christmas Lights Tour both Kelly and Jen will be part of our team.

They will take you on a discovery of the Italian american neighborhoods in Brooklyn and will show you all the most beautiful Christmas houses in New York.

Reason #3: Our Dyker Heights and DUMBO Christmas Lights Bus Tour means Convenient and Comfortable Transportation

All of our buses are first-class. Comfort while traveling from Times Square to Dyker Heights and DUMBO comes first.

Our top-notch buses are spacious and clean, ensuring a relaxing journey between Dyker Heights and Dumbo.

In fact, our comfortable bus has on-board bathrooms, electrical outlets to charge your phone and heating system.

This is truly the best was to enjoy the tradition of Dyker Lights.

Reason #4: Picture Perfect Memories

Our tour is designed to allow you to take memorable photos at Dyker Heights & DUMBO.

You will indeed have enough time to capture perfect shots of the Christmas decorations in Brooklyn.

Once arrived in Dyker Heights and DUMBO in Brooklyn, in fact, we will take a slow-paced walking tour to discover the areas. We will have both time to walk and take pictures and videos of the holiday lights.

Our Dyker Heights and DUMBO Christmas Lights Tour Guides will give you plenty of ideas to take the best photos of the Holiday Lights and Manhattan Skyline.

Reason #5: Starting point in Times Square, Prime Location for Tourists

Our Dyker Heights and Dumbo Christmas Lights Tour starts and ends in the heart of New York City, Times Square.

This convenient location is easily accessible for tourists, with numerous hotels, restaurants, and attractions nearby.

The meeting point for the 2023 Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour is in Times Square, on the 45th Street, between the 7th and 8th Avenues.

By choosing our Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free experience that perfectly integrates into your NYC holiday trip. This will allow you to make the most of your time in the city.

Lucy Spata House in Dyker Heights Brooklyn

Reason #6: Consistent and affordable pricing to see the Holiday Lights

One of our biggest objectives is to offer our guests a memorable experience at a reasonable cost, while discovering the NYC Holiday Lights.

Despite the growing popularity of our Dyker Heights and Dumbo Christmas Lights Tour, we have maintained the same ticket prices for the last two years.

In fact, the tour costs 59$ per person. This is the same price we had in 2021 and 2022 for our Dyker Heights and DUMBO Christmas Lights Tour.

We want to ensure that our Holiday Lights Tour remains accessible to a wide range of budgets.

Reason #7: Flexible Transportation Options for our Dyker Heights and DUMBO Christams Lights Tour

We offer two transportation options for our Dyker Heights and Dumbo Christmas Lights Tour.

For those seeking a larger group experience, our coach bus option provides a comfortable and spacious ride.

On the other hand, guests looking for a more exclusive and intimate experience can opt for our Luxury Mini Van Tour.

Both options deliver the same exceptional service and special holiday adventure.

Brooklyn Bridge Dumbo View Skyline Manhattan

Reason #8: Exclusive Discounts and Offers

We are proud to be the only company offering special discounts for our Dyker Heights and Dumbo Christmas Lights Bus Tour.

To receive your unique discount code, simply message us the phrase “Christmas Code” on our Instagram page @My Christmas in New York.

We’ll respond with our best offers, granting you up to 20% off on your tour booking.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to enjoy our memorable holiday experience at an even more affordable price.

Reason #9: Responsive and Accessible Customer Support

If you already follow us on Instagram, you know this. We answer all your messages, questions, curiosities.

With our instagram videos you will already know very well what to expect while exploring the light displays in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. But if you have any questions, you can always message us!

Our Instagram page, @My Christmas in New York, is monitored 7 days a week.

We are committed to responding promptly to all messages, providing the personalized attention and support you deserve to make your Dyker Heights and Dumbo Christmas Lights Tour a memorable christmas adventure.

Reason #10: Flexible Cancellation Policy for our Holiday Lights Tour

We understand that plans can change, even last mintue.

This is why we offer free cancellation and a full refund up to 24 hours before the start of your tour.

This allows you to book your Dyker Heights and Dumbo Christmas Lights Tour with confidence, knowing that you can adjust your plans if needed without incurring any additional costs.

Our goal is to provide you with a stress-free experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the magic of New York City’s holiday season while exploring the Holiday Lights in Brooklyn.