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Many of you are coming to New York this December and it is well known that Midtown Manhattan (the area around Times Square) is the favorite place for tourists to stay in their hotel.

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Midtown Manhttan is in fact in a very central location, is easy to visit on foot and offers many Metro lines to move from other parts of the city.

We have selected for you 3 Christmas trees that you absolutely must not miss. 

They are less known than the ones in Rockefeller Center or Bryant Park, which of course you have to include in your list of trees to visit but for reasons of obviousness are not included in this list.

Lotte New York Palace Hotel

The Christmas tree at the Lotte New York Palace Hotel is not a public tree. 

In fact, it belongs to the hotel and is positioned in front of its entrance, as you can see in the photo above.

The area is enclosed by a gate, but the gate is almost always open.

Although it is a private Christmas tree, it is so beautiful that it has become a public attraction and anyone, even if not a guest of the hotel, can take a picture of it.

So if you find yourself in front of the hotel and see the gate doors open, go inside and take a souvenir photo.


New York public library

Many people don’t know this, but inside the New York Public Library (“NYPL”) you will find a beautiful Christmas tree.

The NYPL is located right next to Bryant Park and is definitely worth a visit, not only for the Christmas tree but also (and especially) for the fantastic reading area.

So if you’re in the area (and we’re sure you’ll be passing through Bryant Park at least once), don’t hesitate to step into the bookstore and check out this amazing Christmas tree

Fox corner on the 6th avenue

When you are in front of Radio City Music Hall go down towards Bryant Park and at the intersection of 6th Avenue and 48th Street you will find a fantastic Christmas tree.

This tree is really little known but we find it absolutely fantastic!

What we strongly recommend is to visit it in the evening, when it’s dark: you’ll find it glittering on 6th Avenue and it will be a great opportunity to take a picture of a Christmas tree that not everyone knows about

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