Many of you ask us every day on Instagram (@MyChristmasinNewYork) when is the best time to visit Dyker Heights.

For those who don’t know it, the most beautiful Christmas decorations in New York are not in Manhattan but in Brooklyn and more precisely in Dyker Heights.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour

If you are interested in visiting Dyker Heights we suggest you to take a look at our fantastic tour:

📍Departure and return from Times Square
🗓️ Every day in December
⏰ Departure at 5:30 PM
⏳ 3 hour tour
🏠 One hour stop in Dyker Heights to see the most beautiful homes

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We’ve collected for you the questions you ask us most frequently on the topic of “when to visit Dyker Heights”

Since when can I find the Dyker Heights Christmas lights?

Officially as early as after Thanksgiving you’ll find some of the homes decorated and lit up, but not 100% of them.

That’s why we decided to start our tour from the 1st of December: it is in fact from this date that the Christmas season officially starts in New York and it’s the best time to visit the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights!

Is it better to book the Dyker Heights tour during the week or during the weekend?

During the weekend you will surely find more people. There are more tour companies that visit Dyker Heights on the weekend, plus you will find many cars of people who live nearby and come to visit the lights.

If possible, we recommend that you take our tour during the week so that you will find fewer people in Dyker Heights.

We come to New York the first week of January: are the lights still on in Dyker Heights?

Yes, but very few. It’s the same as the last week of November (see above).

We want to offer a tour that gives our community a 100% experience! That’s why we have decided to set December 30th as the last day of our tour!

Why don't you do the tour on December 24, 25 and 31?

For various reasons but the main ones are 2:

1. The Dyker Heights area is a residential area where REAL families live. It is not an amusement park. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day they too will want to enjoy the magic of the holidays with their families and we find it inappropriate to bring hundreds of people in front of their windows while they celebrate Christmas with their families.

2. We want our guides to spend time with their loved ones and not working.

That is why we decided not to do the tour on holidays and we are convinced that it is the best thing to do.

Do you have any other articles to read about your Dyker Heights lights tour?

Do you recommend any articles to read to prepare for my visit to New York this December?

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