5 Things to absolutely know about before you come to New York

Planning a trip to New York, especially if it’s for the first time, can be a bit complicated: there are so many things to do and you don’t know where to start. My name is Marco, I’m the owner of My Christmas in New York (follow me on Instagram), and today I’m going to tell you 5 things that I think are a must-know before you come to New York.

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1️⃣ In New York you will walk a lot. You will only realize it once you are here: getting from one place to another is super easy, between streets that intersect at avenues. Take comfortable shoes: you will walk at least 20,000 steps every day.

2️⃣ In New York you can dress how you want. Don’t ask too many questions if an outfit is too much or too little dress for New York: here you can dress how you want, no one will look at you funny: this is New York, everything is accepted.

3️⃣ Everything is expensive in New York. Yes, New York is an expensive city. One of the most expensive in the world. Unless you eat only in fast food chains (which I advise you not to do: New York has the best restaurants in the world) be prepared to spend a lot per meal. Budget at least, per person, $10 for breakfast, $15-$20 for lunch, and $25-$30 for dinner. To these prices you must then add the tip, which is at least 18% in case you have eaten well and the waiter has been courteous to you.

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4️⃣ It doesn’t freeze in New York in December. So many of you associate the Christmas season in New York with snow and frost. It is not like this, at least statistically speaking. In 2021, for example, it did not snow a single day in December (while in 2020 there was a huge snowfall on the night of December 17). Plus if you visit the city in the first half of the month it is not even that cold. You need a winter jacket, that’s for sure, but you can safely stay outside for a long time and enjoy the illuminated and decorated streets without suffering too much frost.

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5️⃣ In New York, a good hotel makes all the difference. Always choose carefully the place where you are going to sleep at the end of the day: there are plenty of old hotels in New York, with rooms that have never been renovated and are surrounded by dark & tall buildings. What I always recommend is to read reviews carefully (e.g., on Booking.com or Google) and spend a little extra to get something centrally located. Your legs will be grateful at the end of the day.

❓ If you have any questions about your trip to New York, send me a message on Instagram – my name is Marco and it always makes me so happy if I can help you out.

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