5 unmissable and not-too-touristy places within walking distance of Times Square

Times Square is an extremely touristy area but you only need to walk a few minutes outside this area to find some really unmissable places in NYC and at the same time less touristy than Times Square.

Grand Central Terminal

If you don’t visit it, you won’t understand what we’re talking about. Forget the normal train stations. This one is a work of art. Grand Central Terminal is beautiful to see both from the outside and the inside. Our advice is to see it in the evening: the lighting on 42nd Street is fantastic and inside you can really feel like a New Yorker.


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Bryant Park

Many consider it the most beautiful park in NYC, even better than Central Park. It is undoubtedly one of the most loved places by New Yorkers who come here to spend a lunch break in the open air. Do it yourself: buy something to eat in one of the many take away places around the park and sit on one of the many free green chairs.

Don’t forget that during the Christmas season, the park turns into a beautiful Christmas market with a fantastic ice skating rink.

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Plaza Hotel

You all know this hotel from the iconic movie “Home Alone II”. It is located at the intersection of 59th Street and 5th Avenue.

What we recommend is to walk into Central Park and take a photo of this fantastic hotel from the Gapstow Bridge.

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Hell’s Kitchen

An area frequented by both tourists and New Yorkers. It is located on 9th Avenue between 42nd Street and 59th Street. Here you will find many restaurants.On the right or left side of the street. There are cuisines from every part of the world, Asian, Italian, South American and of course American. If you have a hotel in the Times Square area and you don’t know where to go to eat in the evening, keep Hell’s Kitchen in mind because it will certainly give you great satisfaction.

The HOPE Sculpture

Until 2019, the most famous sculpture in Midtown Manhattan was the one that read LOVE. It was located on 6th Avenue, not far from Radio City Music Hall. For various reasons, it was removed and as a result, one of the most photographed sculptures in Midtown Manhattan became the one that reads HOPE. It is located on 7th Avenue at the intersection with 53rd Street.


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