The 5 Best Burgers around Times Square

One of the questions we receive the most on our Social Media Accounts on Instagram (@Discover.N.Y.C and @MyChristmasinNewYork) is:

Where can I eat the best burger in Times Square?

Always start from a very important assumption: Times Square is the most touristy area of NYC and consequently very often the restaurants that are located in this area are not 100% authentic, but rather oriented to a clientele of tourists. This will affect, in many cases, the quality of the food.

This premise is true for many restaurants, but not for the 5 Hamburger restaurants that we have selected for you: they are among the best in all of New York, so you can go on the safe side.

For each Burger Restaurant we have also indicated both the address and how long it takes, on foot, to reach it from Times Square, using as a reference point the famous Red Stairs.

NUMBER 1: Black Iron Burger. “Nobody beats our meat” is their motto. On their Instagram page they are proud to show that they are #1 in NYC on both TripAdvisor and Zagat. And we can confirm that their burgers are indeed delicious. They have two locations in NYC, one in Park Slope in Brooklyn and the other in Midtwon West on 38th Street. They have announced plans to open a 3rd location, in the middle of the Theater District, just steps away from Times Square.

Their signature burger, the Black Iron, costs $14.1 and the fries are $4.7. They also offer the option to create your own burger starting at $9.

Location (coming soon): 250 West 54th Street. Located in the middle of Broadway and 8th Avenue.
Walking Distance to Times Square’s Red Steps: 8 Minutes

NUMBER 2: Black Tap Craft Burger. Also just steps away from Times Square, they are one of the icons of NYC when it comes to Burgers and Shakes. Their basic burger starts at $17 but the highlight of the place is definitely the Shakes. Check out their menu of “Crazy Shakes”: The Cakeshake is even trademarked, costs $17 and is made of vanilla frosted rim with rainbow sprinkles topped with a funfetti cake slice, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles & a cherry. Quantities are limited each day, so if you really want it, don’t hesitate to ask for it at the beginning of your meal. How much does it cost? Also $17. P.S. this is a perfect place if you are looking for a really “Instagrammable” place to eat within walking distance from Times Square.

Location: 136 West 55th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue.

Walking Distance to Times Square’s Red Steps: 10 Minutes

NUMBER 3: Burger Joint. A short walk from the south entrance of Central Park, Burger Joint is one of the most iconic places to get a great burger in NYC. The single burger costs $9.41 and for many. The fries are $5.74 and they also have a “Plant Based” version of their burger called “Beyond Burger” that costs $13.78.

If you ask New Yorkers what the best burger in town is, many will say “Burger Joint” – definitely try it.

Location: 119 West 56th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue.

Walking Distance to Times Square’s Red Steps: 12 Minutes

NUMBER 4: The Counter. This restaurant is located right in Times Square and their strong point is that you have the ability to customise¬†your Burger from A to Z. If you visit this place let your imagination run wild and “build” your dream Burger.

Location: 7 Times Square, crossroad between Broadway and 41st Street

Walking Distance to Times Square’s Red Steps: 6 Minutes

NUMBER 5: Junior’s Restaurant. Here again we are literally in Times Square. Junior’s has a very extensive menu, ranging from meat and fish dishes, soups and salads as well as burgers. But the most iconic dish at this restaurant is undoubtedly their Cheescake: the most famous in all of NYC.

In case you don’t want to stop for a full meal but just a slice of Cheescake, what we recommend is to go to their cafe right next to the restaurant. If you want you can sit at one of the tables outside or bring the cake to the hotel.

Location: 45th St. B/W Broadway & 8th Ave

Walking Distance to Times Square’s Red Steps: 3 Minutes