Is the Brooklyn Bridge safe at night?

One of the questions we receive most often on our social pages is the following: is the Brooklyn Bridge Safe at Night?

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most famous tourist attractions in New York. So many tourists visit it at all hours of the day and night.

But how safe is the Brooklyn Bridge at night?

In this “NEW YORK PILL” we give you our honest answer to this question.

Is the Brooklyn Bridge safe at night?

In our opinion, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge at night is relatively safe, and one of the big factors that play a role in its safety is definitely the choice of time of day.

One thing is to cross the Brooklyn Bridge as soon as night falls, so for example at 9 pm. In this case, in our opinion, the crossing is relatively safe, since you will find on the bridge many other tourists who are there like you to take pictures and videos.

To reach the Brooklyn Bridge in a quick and easy way, just take the subway from Grand Central Terminal and exit at the “City Hall – Brooklyn Bridge” stop.

Another thing, in terms of safety, is to wait until the wee hours. This is not just for the Brooklyn Bridge, but for all of NYC. Like any big city, after a certain time of night NYC becomes less safe than during the day.

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