Central Park Fall Foliage Map

Central Park in autumn is truly an indescribable sight: its colors and lights are unbeatable. But where exactly can you go to see the foliage in Central Park? Below is a Central Park Fall Foliage Map that will help you during your NYC trip.

My name is Marco, I own My Christmas in New York on Instagram (have you checked out my Christmas Tour of Dyker Heights & DUMBO yet? With the code NY15 you always get a 15% discount) and I have selected for you 3 places, tourist friendly, where to see the foliage in Central Park.

1. The Pond & Gapstow Bridge

In the lower part of Central Park, as soon as you enter from the South-East entrance near the Plaza Hotel, you will find a small lake called The Pond and a small bridge over it called Gapstow Bridge. In this area there are lots of trees with differently colored leaves such as:

– Black Cherry (yellow, red) Ginkgo (yellow)
– Gray Birch (yellow)
– Pin Oak (russet, bronze, red)
– Sawtooth Oak (yellow, golden brown)
– Tupelo (orange, scarlet)

🗺️ Click HERE to find the location of the Gapstow Bridge on Google Maps

Once you are on the Gapstow Bridge, look toward Manhattan and you will see before your eyes the Plaza Hotel.

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2. The Mall

From the Gapstow Bridge walk a little north and, after passing the Wallman Rink (Click HERE to find out all the info on ice skating rinks in New York) you will find yourself in the Mall, a “corridor” between two rows of trees. Here, in addition to lots of street performers, painters and even souvenir stalls, you will see beautiful fall colors.

The predominant tree in this area is the American Elm with its yellow colors.

🗺️ Click HERE to find the location of The Mall on Google Maps

3. The Ramble

Visiting The Ramble is a must when you are exploring the map of the Fall Foliage in Central Park.

The Ramble is that area of Central Park between Strawberry Fields (72nd Street and Central Park West) and the Bethesda Terrace & Fountain. In this area you will find yourself walking up and down small, steep streets, past ponds and trees.

🗺️ Click HERE to find the location of The Ramble on Google Maps

Here you will find lots of fall coloring, especially in red hues:

Black Cherry (yellow, red)
Pin Oak (russet, bronze, red)
Red Maple (red)
Red Oak (yellow, brown, red)
Sassafras (purple, red)
Sweetgum (yellow, purple, red)
Tupelo (orange, scarlet)