The Joker’s stairs in the Bronx has become iconic after the release of the memorable movie “The Joker” in 2019.

On this stairs, the movie’s protagonist dances while smoking a cigarette.

These stairs is located in the Bronx, one of the least touristy areas of NYC.

The stairs connect Shakespeare and Anderson avenues on 167th Street.

Formerly known as the “Shakespeare Stairs”, after the movie was released and many tourists visited, they were nicknamed the “Joker Stairs”.

We put HERE the link to Google Map to help you understand exactly where the Joker’s Stairs are located

Joke Stairs Bronx

How to get to the Joker Stairs in the Bronx

If you have visited all the major landmarks in Manhattan and want to expand your knowledge of NYC then you should take the subway and visit the Joker’s Stairs in the Bronx.

Getting there from Times Square is relatively simple: take the 4 (green) subway from Grand Central Terminal and get off at 167th Street. The stairs are just a few steps away from the subway exit.

Once you have visited the Joker’s Stairs we also recommend visiting Yankees Stadium. It is less than 10 minutes walk from the stairs.

Is it safe to visit the Joker Stairs in the Bronx?

Let’s talk about safety: is it safe to visit the Joker’s Stairs in the Bronx? This is not an easy question to answer. Although the crime rate in the Bronx has dropped by 70% in the last 20 years, visiting this area of NYC is less safe than, for example, staying in Midtown Manhattan. If you decide to visit the Joker Stairs, we recommend that you do it during the day and preferably not alone.

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