Little Spain in New York

Did you know that there is a Little Spain in New York? Little Spain is located in Hudson Yards, on the ground floor of the most famous mall in Midtown Manhattan. In the same complex of stores and restaurants (including Shake Shack) you can also find the entrance to The Edge.

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Little Spain: Key Info

Now let’s get back to talking about Little Spain in New York. We really recommend you to visit it: it’s peculiar and surprised us in a positive way.

Little Spain is open both for lunch and dinner, from 11 am to 9 pm.

There are two ways to access Little Spain in New York. The first is from Hudson Yards shopping center. The second is from the intersection of 9th Avenue and 30th Street.

Inside Little Spain you will find various stores, in addition to 3 restaurants and a bar. Everywhere you will buy only original Spanish products.

Among the 3 restaurants that you can find inside Little Spain in New York we recommend you to try their Diner. The menu includes all the main Spanish specialties at a fair price. If you want, you can accompany it with a good Sangria.

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