MetroCard: Key things to know

One of the best ways to get around NYC is by subway.

This is in fact the most used means of transportation by New Yorkers: it is convenient, fast and takes you anywhere in NYC.

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In today’s article we’re going to go into a little more detail about the NYC MetroCard and what options you’ll have for your trip in NYC

Let’s start with some basics: unlike other cities, the individual disposable ticket does not exist in NYC.

Here in NYC we use the Metro Card, a yellow card that must always be purchased to enter the subway, it costs $1 and is rechargeable.

When you buy your MetroCard from the vending machines you have the option of buying a reloadable or unlimited MetroCard.

The reloadable version costs $1 and you can load it with the amount you think you will need for your trip to NYC, for example $20.

Once you run out of credit, if necessary, you can reload the same MetroCard, without having to buy a MetroCard.

A single trip on the MetroCard costs $2.75.

The unlimited version always costs $1 plus a fixed price that allows you to make as many trips as you want on the subway and buses in NYC.

The Unlimited version costs $33 for 7 days and $127 for 30 days.

One of the important things to understand is when it is more convenient to buy the rechargeable MetroCard and when to buy the Unlimited Version.

In the coming weeks we will dedicate a specific article on this topic in our blog.

Can I buy a MetroCard unlimited and share it with other people in my group?

Formally no. When you swipe the unlimited metro card in station A, the same unlimited metro card is deactivated for 18 minutes in the same station A.

However, if for any reason you move from station A to station B, leave station B and want to re-enter the metro at station B and less than 18 minutes have passed, the metro card unlimited will work.

This mechanism is designed to ensure that the unlimited metro card is not exchanged between friends or participants of the same group.

This does not apply to the rechargeable MetroCard, which can be used multiple times in the same station within seconds of each other.