Sex and the City Locations in NYC

After presenting the Most Famous Spots of the movie Home Alone II, we now talk about the most famous locations of Sex and the City in NYC, including Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment.

Since its premiere on June 6, 1998, Sex and the City has given us a glimpse into the often stormy lives of four New Yorkers. We all know their names by heart: Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Samantha Jones, and Charlotte York.

New York City had an indisputable influence in making the performance a success, even if the four women were the show’s stars.

We’ve compiled a list of the show’s five most memorable locations for your viewing pleasure.

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Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment


The first and most famous of the Sex and the City Locations in NYC is, without doubts, Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment.

Despite the fact that Carrie Bradshaw’s real address was supposedly in the Upper East Side (245 East 73rd Street), the townhouse that served as the set for Carrie’s fictional rent-stabilized apartment (complete with a glorious walk-in closet) is located in the West Village.

Apartment scenes were filmed at 64 Perry Street for the first three seasons before moving to 66 Perry Street next door for the fourth season.

As a private residence, the building’s owners have gone to great lengths in order to prevent hordes of Sex and the City fans from invading their home.

They have requested that bus tours avoid stopping in front of the building, as well as having the image of their home blurred out on Google Maps.


When you say Sex and the City, Magnolia Bakery immediately comes to mind. How could we not include this place among the 5 most iconic Sex & the City locations in NYC?

To make the Magnolia Bakery an iconic name, all it needed was a 30-second clip from season three, in which Carrie and Miranda consume cupcakes outside of this modest corner shop.

In the years afterwards, the bakery has grown to include more than 20 sites throughout the world, however the original shop on Bleecker Street continues to be a popular destination for both SATC fans and other tourists.

After the one in Greenwich Village, the most touristic location is the one next to the Rockefeller Center, at the intersection of 6th Avenue and 49th Street.

In our opinion, in addition to the iconic cupcakes, you absolutely must try their Banana Pudding, available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. DELICIOUS.


Season three begins with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda embarking on a journey on the Staten Island Ferry to take part in the FDNY’s annual fireman competition.

Carrie compares the borough to “a lovely European nation” where “the American music is 20 years behind and you could smoke wherever you wanted.”

While on Staten Island, the ladies sip “Staten Island iced teas”.

It’s also the location where Carrie misses the final ferry of the evening. Right now the ferry runs all night long.

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Following a tragic breakup with Mr. Big at the end of season one, Carrie and her friends begin season two by traveling to Yankee Stadium in an attempt to get Carrie “back in the game.”

Besides catching a foul ball, she also manages to land a date with the newest Yankee player.

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Last but not least among the 5 most iconic locations of Sex and the City in NYC is The Loeb Boathouse.

A few months after their first break-up, Carrie and Mr. Big get together for lunch at Central Park’s boathouse in season three of the show.

When Big leans in for a kiss, Carrie lurches, causing both of them to tumble into the lake.

If you also want to eat at Central Park’s most iconic restaurant, then we recommend booking a table at Loeb Boathouse.