5 places in Brooklyn you absolutely cannot miss

1. D.U.M.B.O > The most famous area of Brooklyn: it is located exactly on the other side of the East River and can be reached by crossing the Brooklyn Bridge or the Manhattan Bridge. We recommend visiting it at sunset: the famous “Golden Hour” with the view of the Skyline in front of your eyes is a sight you will not easily forget.

Our Skyline Tour ( CLICK HERE ) stops right here in D.U.M.B.O. at sunset. After visiting Long Island City in Queens and before going to New Jersey to enjoy the night view of the Skyline, we stop for about 45 minutes in D.U.M.B.O. and, in addition to a unique view, we also eat a slice of pizza in perfect NYC style (included in the ticket price of course).

Skyline Tour

2. SQUIBB PARK > Squibb Park is a beautiful elevated park that offers incomparable views of the NYC Skyline. If you want to visit it, we suggest you to check out THIS TOUR that offers you the chance to cross the Brooklyn Bridge and visit D.U.M.B.O. (including Squibb Park) with Kelly Kopp, a licensed NYC guide and published photographer by Rizzoli, who, besides guiding you through the beautiful streets of Brooklyn, will also take memorable pictures with your phone, perfect to be posted on social media or to keep as a souvenir.

3. CONEY ISLAND > Iconic. In every season, not just summer. Strolling the boardwalk is absolutely an experience we recommend to everyone to live at least once in their life. Our TOUR of the BOROUGHS (CLICK HERE), in addition to taking you to discover Harlem, the Bronx and Queens, also allows you to take a walk in Coney Island, to see the New York sea and to eat in the iconic and original Nathan’s restaurant, the most famous hot dogs in all of New York.

4. Dyker Heights > If you visit NYC during the Holiday Season (this year from 25th November, 2022 to 8 January, 2023) , you must visit the beautiful Lighted houses of Dyker Heights. It is not easy to get here on your own (it will take you more than an hour by subway) so we suggest you to choose one of OUR CHRISTMAS TOURS that, besides taking you to walk the streets of Dyker Heights for an hour, also makes a stop at D.U.M.B.O. to see the skyline at night. Reservation for our Christmas Lights Tour are now officially open: follow our Instagram page My Christmas in New York to keep up to date on all the info you need to enjoy the holiday season in NYC.

LINK to the Christmas Lights Tour > Dyker Heights + D.U.M.B.O : Christmas Lights Tour

5. WILLIAMSBURG and CROWN HEIGHTS > This area of Brooklyn is home to the largest community of Hasidic Jews outside of Israel and is mixed with a younger non-Jewish population. Visiting this area of Brooklyn is truly culturally intense. Our TOUR of the BOROUGHS (CLICK HERE) stops here as well, check it out because it’s really worth it in case you want to discover the true soul of NYC outside of touristy Manhattan.