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Bronx + Queens + Brooklyn: NYC Morning Tour

Explore the best of NYC outside Manhattan with this 5-hour tour that will take you to the most famous and Instagrammable areas of the Bronx, Queens & Brooklyn. The tour departs Times Square at 9am and returns to the same spot at approximately 2pm, traffic permitting. We will travel aboard a Private Bus with a Bathroom on board and our Tour Guide who will be with you at all times, both on the bus and during each stop!

The tour is fully organized and managed by Marco, owner of the Instagram page @MyChristmastmasinNewYork. Do not hesitate to message Marco on Instagram if you have any questions about the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens Tour.

The Tour includes 6 stops outside of Manhattan:

1. Apollo Theater 🎭 in Harlem

2. Yankee Stadium 🏟️ in the Bronx

3. Iconic Murals 🎨 in the Bronx

4. Little Italy 🇮🇹 in the Bronx

5. The Unisphere 🌐 in Queens

6. Domino Park 🏙️ in Brooklyn to admire the Skyline of Manhattan at Daylight

Below you will find more info and photos of each stop!

Bronx Queens & Brooklyn Tour Photo Collage

Bronx Queens & Brooklyn: Tour Highlights

Our Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn Tour starts on the 25th of November 2023. Every Friday and Saturday, the My Christmas in New York Team takes many guests on a Guided Bus Tour of the best spots in NYC outside of Manhattan. Our bus, with restrooms on board, departs directly from Times Square (scroll down for datailed info on the meeting point). The Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn Tour 2023 lasts 5 hours and includes 6 stops.

STOP#1 - Apollo Theater & its Gift Shop

Our bus will stop on 125th Street, right in front of the iconic Apollo Theater, Harlem’s iconic Theater. After getting off the bus we will have time to take photos and videos of its entrance and the world-famous “APOLLO” Sign. While your tour guide will tell you the story of this New York legend, we will admire the gold plaques on the ground in front of the theater (the Harlem’s Walk of Fame) with the names of iconic artists who have performed in this world-famous New York theater such as Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Jackson, Prince, Mary J. Blige, Aretha Franklin, Lionel Richie and Louis Armstrong. We will then go inside the theater to take a look at its Gift Shop, the stairs that lead up to the theater, and the beautiful Chandeliers that decorate its interior. After that we all get back on the bus together to head to the second stop on our tour, Yankees Stadium in the Bronx.

Here below the outside of the Apollo Theater in Harlem:

Outside the Apollo Theater in Harlem New York

This is the interior of the Apollo Theater in Harlem, with its Gift Shop

Inside the Apollo Theater Gift Shop
Gift Shop Apollo Theater Harlem NYC

The “Walk of Fame” in front of the Apollo Theater

Walk of Fame Apollo Theater NYC

STOP#2 - Yankee Stadium in the Bronx

On our tour of the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn, the second stop brings us to the iconic Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. After leaving from the bus, which will be conveniently parked right outside the main entrance, we’ll stroll past one of NYC’s most renowned landmarks and among the world’s most iconic stadium: the Yankee Stadium. Here, we’ll take snapshots of the entrance and the emblematic sign of the New York Yankees. Alongside our guide, we’ll retrace the historic milestones of this stadium and delve into the legacy of the club that has profoundly shaped American baseball. After that we will get back on the bus to head in the direction of the third stop, a visit to the Bronx’s most iconic murals!

Outside the Yankee Stadium in the Bronx

STOP#3 - The Murals in the Bronx

Stop number 3 on our Tour takes us to discover the Bronx Murals, among the most beautiful in NYC. The first is the very famous “I Love the Bronx” created in 2012 by Tats Cru. This one of the most iconic murals in the Bronx, depicts some of the borough’s attractions and ideologies drawn within each letter, from the Bronx Zoo to the Botanical Garden, from breakdancers to classic shoes hanging from electricity wires to Yankee Stadium. Just a few steps away we will then admire a series of other murals, all beautiful, representing NYC symbols such as the Hot Dog Cart, the Subway 2running through the Bronx, a Hip Hop DJ, and more. All accompanied by iconic phrases such as Ghandi’s: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. From here we board our private bus to head in the direction of stop number 4, Little Italy in the Bronx.

I love the Bronx Mural
DJ Mural in the Bronx

STOP #4 - Little Italy in the Bronx

Our fantastic tour of the 3 boroughs outside Manhattan continues in the Bronx’s Little Italy where we will make a 30-minute stop. This is the real Little Italy of NYC, full of citizens originally from Italy who moved here a few generations ago and whose children and grandchildren now run bars, restaurants, stores and supermarkets in the borough. We will have time to enter the iconic butcher’s shop with thousands of Calabrian Salumi hanging from the ceiling, sip a typical Italian-style espresso in the market, admire how real cigars are made before our eyes, enter a typical bakery to taste real Italian Focaccia, and much more. During this stop you will also have time, if you wish, to grab a bite to eat and use the restroom in the Little Italy Market. After that we will re-board the bus to leave the Bronx behind us and enter Queens!

Calabria PorkStore in Little Italy Bronx NYC

We will also admire live cigar making:

Live cigar making Little Italy Bronx

STOP #5 - Unisphere Queens

After leaving the Bronx by crossing the Whitestone Bridge we travel with our Bus through the very rich Malba neighborhood in Queens. This area is full of extra luxury mansions and living here is only for the few. Just think that there are not even bus stops to get to this area. After that, our stop number 5 on the tour takes us to Flushing Meadows, an iconic place in New York thanks to the US Open Tennis Courts and the Mets’ Citi Field Baseball Stadium. After getting off the bus, we will explore the giant Unisphere, built in 1964 for the New York World’s Fair. This huge globe is located in the middle of a very large, well-maintained park where Queens residents love to play sports and outdoor activities. After taking many photos of this New York icon, we get back on the bus to head for the last stop on the Tour: Domino Park, also in Brooklyn.

Unisphere in Queens Brooklyn

STOP #6 - Domino Park in Brooklyn

Before arriving at the last stop on our tour, the bus travels through the streets of the quaint Williamsburg neighborhoodwhere the Hasidic Jewish community lives. From the windows of the bus we will see them walking through the streets of their neighborhood and entering typical stores and restaurants. The bus will then stop alongside the East River where, again together with our tour guide as at all the other stops on the tour, we will go to admire the Manhattan Skyline from Domino Park, one of the most famous viewpoints in all of NYC. The view of NYC skyscrapers such as Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, Chrysler Building and many others is truly unparalleled from here. After that we will board our bus again, ready to return to the starting point of our tour: Times Square!

Domino Park Brooklyn View

Our amazing First Class Coach Bus

Coach Bus NYC Tour to Brooklyn

The NYC Coach Bus Tour from Times Square to explore the best of NYC outside of Manhattan.

All our buses accommodate a maximum of 52 passengers and a tour guide. Each bus on our Bronx Queens and Brooklyn Tour 2023 is equipped with an onboard restroom. Moreover, all our buses are top quality. In fact, we use suppliers with decades of experience in the tourism sector, such as Academy Bus. On all our NYC Holiday Lights Tour, you will also find power outlets to recharge your phone during the journey. The seats on the bus are divided as follows: 16 Priority Seats in the first 5 rows of the bus and 36 General Seats for the rest of the bus.

Below is the updated calendar for the 2023 Bronx Queens and Brooklyn Tour with the Coach Bus.

Meeting Point in Times Square, NYC and Check in with your Tour Guide

Our Bronx Queens and Brooklyn Tour 2023 begins in Times Square, the pulsating heart of NYC.

Our tour guide and first class bus will wait for you in front of the Starbucks located about halfway between 7th and 8th Avenue on 45th Street. This meeting point is very easy to find for everyone: it’s just in front of the Marriot Marquis Hotel and Junior’s Cheesecake Restaurant. How do you recognize our guide for the Holiday Spirit in Manhattan Tour? A bright green umbrella is our symbol of recognition.

There’s no need to print your ticket for the 2023 Bronx Queens and Brooklyn Tour in NYC. In fact, at the time of check-in, you will only be asked for the name of the person who made the booking. Your tour guide will have all your details on their phone. In this way, we allow you to have a quick and efficient check-in.

Once the check-in is completed, the guide will point you to your bus. Take your seat on the bus and as soon as the check-in is complete, we will depart for our bus journey to discover the best of NYC outside Manhattan!

The tour departs exactly at the time indicated in your booking. We have a schedule to follow and we can’t wait for any latecomers. For this reason, we recommend that you arrive at the meeting point at least 15 minutes before the departure of your Bronx Queens and Brooklyn Tour. Our bus and tour guide will be waiting for you at the meeting point already 30 minutes beforehand. NYC in December is a city with millions of tourists, the streets are crowded and full of traffic. For this reason, we advise you to arrive in the area of the Bronx Queens and Brooklyn Tour meeting point in advance. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary stress and prepare to fully enjoy our NYC Tour 2023.

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