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Bryant Park Movies Summer 2023: Nights Schedule and Guide

The Bryant Park Movies are one of the best experiences to have in NYC in summer 2023! In fact, Every Monday, this beloved NYC tradition transforms Bryant Park into a lively outdoor cinema. As part of the 2023 lineup, a diverse range of films will light up the city’s skyline. From classics to contemporary blockbusters, there’s something for every film lover. The gravel area around the Bryant Park Movie Nights opens at 4pm and, weather permitting, the lawn welcomes picnic blankets from 5pm. Films start at 8pm. To make your 2023 movie nights even more memorable, NYC’s best vendors brought by Hester Street Fair, will be stationed at the Fountain Terrace from 4pm-8:30pm, offering a variety of delicious options. Our comprehensive guide ensures you make the most of Bryant Park Movies during the 2023 Monday summer nights. Don’t miss the unique magic of these movie nights; grab your blanket, pack your picnic, and immerse yourself in the cinematic ambiance of Bryant Park in 2023. Come join us for a summer of unforgettable nights at the Bryant Park Movies.

Bryant Park transformed into an open-air cinema for the Summer 2023 Movie Nights, with excited audiences picnicking under the stars.

Bryant Park Movies: 2023 Schedule for an incredible Summer in NYC

Bryant Park Movies promise to light up Monday Nights this Summer Season. In fact, the Movie Nights 2023 Lineup screens an incredible selection of films for every taste.

Bryant Park Movies schedule 2023, listing films from June to August.

Bryant Park Movies: June 2023 Calendar

The 2023 Calendar kicks off on June 12 with “Almost Famous”, a nostalgic journey into the ’70s rock world. This is just the beginning of the 2023 Bryant Park Movies! In fact, every Monday night in June, July and August, some of the films that have made movie history will be waiting for you for an Outdoor Cinema in Midtown Manhattan!

For example, on June 19, the Bryant Park Movies Night 2023 Schedule proposes “Amistad”, a captivating tale of struggle for freedom, which will contribute to making the Midtown Manhattan summer unforgettable. Humor will not be lacking on June 26, when the Movie Nights Summer Festival screens the irresistible comedy “Mean Girls”.

A promotional poster for the 2004 comedy film 'Mean Girls', featuring the main cast in a high school setting.

Bryant Park Open Air Cinema: July 2023 Lineup

Monday nights in July 2023 promise to be memorable thanks to the Bryant Park Movies lineup! In fact, the Open Air Cinema season in NYC continues in July 2023 with “School of Rock” on the 3rd, a film blending rock’n’roll and plenty of laughter. On July 10, the timeless classic “Roman Holiday” will bring a touch of romance to the Monday Nights in the Big Apple this summer. On July 17, the Bryant Park Movies presents “Reality Bites”, for a dive into the ’90s atmosphere. “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” on the 24th and “Swingers” on July 31 promise adventure and entertainment.

Main characters from 'Star Trek III: The Search for Spock', part of the Bryant Park Movies 2023 Schedule.

August 2023 Summer Schedule in Bryant Park

In August 2023, the Movie Nights at Bryant Park continue with “48 Hrs.” on the 7th, followed by “Zoolander” on August 14th. This is a perfect mix of tension and comedy in NYC. Finally, the summer 2023 at Bryant Park concludes on Monday, August 21 with the bonus film “Good Burger”, a carefree conclusion to this summer movie season at Bryant Park. Enjoy the 2023 summer of Outdoor Cinema under the stars in Midtown Manhattan!

Spectators enjoying a free film at Bryant Park Movies Summer 2023, an iconic NYC summer tradition.

Bryant Park Summer 2023: practical information

The Bryant Park Movie Nights, a cherished summer tradition, are set to make a grand return in June 2023, thanks to Paramount+. Once Bryant Park unveils the complete 2023 schedule in May, you can look forward to every Monday night becoming a memorable cinematic experience under the stars. Therefore, these free movie nights offer an enchanting blend of outdoor leisure and film appreciation.

In order to start your evening as early as 4:00pm, the gravel area around the Lawn opens. Then, for those planning to bring blankets and indulge in a picnic, the Lawn will be ready to welcome you from 5:00pm. Shortly after sunset, typically between 8pm and 9pm, the Open Air Cinema begin. Each film, carefully selected for the 2023 lineup, promises to add a dash of magic to your summer nights in Bryant Park.

Meanwhile, Bryant Park partners at Hester Street Fair will ensure your movie experience is as delicious as it is entertaining. From 4:00pm to 8:30pm, the Fountain Terrace will host an array of food vendors. These vendors offer everything from refreshing drinks to delicious snacks and meals. As you plan your visit, it’s important to note that all packages, bags, briefcases, and backpacks are subject to inspection. Let’s work together to make the Bryant Park Movie Nights of 2023 safe, fun, and unforgettable for everyone.

Weather Policy: what happens if it rains?

Bryant Park Movies almost always proceed rain or shine, however, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

Should it rain, the film showing will go ahead, but Bryant Park will close the lawn area. Seating will be made available on the gravel path encircling the lawn and throughout the park. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella!

In the event of thunderstorms, the Summer Festival Organisation might delay or cancel the film screening.

There are no rain dates scheduled for the 2023 Movie Nights in Bryant Park.

Given that there are no rain dates, the decision to open or close the lawn, or to cancel the event, is made on the day of the movie, hence on Monday, often later in the day. Weather conditions can unexpectedly change, and if the weather is deemed dangerous, the park will close. Hence, keep an eye on the weather forecast and plan your 2023 Bryant Park Movies accordingly!

Tranquil view of Bryant Park in New York: lush green trees, open grass areas, and quiet paths, offering a peaceful retreat in the heart of the bustling city.

A Year-Round Celebration: Spring Market and Winter Village

Following the vibrant colors and delightful experiences of the Bryant Park Spring Market, the park transitions seamlessly into the much-awaited Bryant Park Summer Movies. The Spring Market, a spectacle of its own, takes place in May. The market spans three incredible weekends of shopping, food, and entertainment. Are you interested in the full scope of the Spring Market’s offerings? Then, check out our detailed article for an immersive understanding of this event. As the Spring Market concludes, the park dons a new avatar. In fact, it transforms into an open-air cinema for the 2023 Bryant Park Summer Movies.

The Bryant Park Open Air Cinema is a cherished NYC tradition. In fact it offers unforgettable experiences under the city’s starlit sky. Every Monday evening throughout the summer, the park turns into a vibrant movie theater. Bryant Park is proud of presenting a range of films as part of its 2023 lineup. Bryant Park warmly invites New Yorkers and tourists alike to unwind with a film under the stars. We are sure this helps turning summer nights into magical movie moments.

As summer fades and the chill of winter takes hold, Bryant Park transforms yet again into the Bryant Park Winter Village, sponsored by Bank of America. The Winter Village is a festive spectacle featuring a free ice-skating rink, holiday shops, cozy igloos and food vendors, making it a winter wonderland right in the heart of NYC. From the bustling Spring Market and enchanting Summer Movies to the festive Winter Village, Bryant Park offers year-round entertainment, making it a must-visit destination in NYC. Stay tuned to our articles for all the latest updates on these exciting events.