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Central Park Carousel: NYC Guide on Tickets, Hours & Photos

Welcome to the magical world of Central Park Carousel, a must-see attraction in New York City.

This Merry-go-round welcomes over 250,000 visitors annually.

This captivating carousel has delighted guests for decades with its colorful, hand-carved horses and nostalgic charm.

In this guide of our NYC blog, you’ll find all the information you need about the Central Park Merry-go-Round. We will talk about ticket prices, opening hours and instructions to get there.

So, get ready to embark on a delightful journey and discover all the info of the Central Park Carousel in NYC.

Exterior view of the Central Park Carousel, featuring colorful horses and ornate decorations, surrounded by lush green trees. Several people are enjoying the scene from nearby benches, chatting and relaxing.

Discover the Central Park Carousel: A Must-See NYC Attraction

This merry-go-rounds in Manhattan is one of the largest in the United States of America. In fact, it boasts an impressive array of 57 hand-carved horses and two beautifully crafted chariots.

The Central Park Carousel is open 7 days a week, welcoming visitors whenever the weather permits.

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The history of this Merry-Go-Round

Since its debut in 1871, the Central Park Carousel has been an adored attraction. Its first model was powered by a hidden horse who walked or powered by a mule.

Today, the Friedsam Memorial Carousel, created by Solomon Stein and Harry Goldstein in 1908, showcases stunning American folk art.

In fact, this merry-go-round features 57 vibrantly decorated horses, two intricately adorned chariots, and a mechanical organ.

The carousel was donated to Central Park in 1951 by the Michael Friedsam Foundation.

As one of the largest merry-go-rounds in the nation, it continues to attract New Yorkers and tourists.

This Merry-go-Round has been mentioned in many books. For example in J.D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye” and appeared in the Marvel TV series “The Punisher.”

Located in the Children’s District at the park’s south end, the Central Park Carousel has been cherished for over 150 years. It has delighted countless children and families, creating lifelong memories. Open daily from 11 AM to 5 PM, this historic ride endures as a captivating attraction for visitors worldwide.

Inside Central Park Merry-go-Round, showing colorful horses on poles.

Central Park Carousel Tickets: info and prices

Experience this enchanting Merry-Go-Round with affordable ticket options to suit your needs.

For a single ride, a ticket costs just $3.50. If you’re looking for more fun, opt for the 15 Rides Ticket, which offers a 15% savings at $45.00. Even greater value can be found with the 25 Rides Ticket, providing an 18% savings for only $72.00.

To purchase tickets for the Central Park Carousel, simply visit their official website.

Essential Details on opening Hours of the most famouse Merry-go-Round in NYC

The Central Park Carousel welcomes visitors 7 days a week, offering endless fun for everyone. Operating hours are from 11 am to 5 pm. However, keep in mind that the carousel’s operation is subject to weather conditions.

So, before planning your visit, check the weather forecast. This way you will be sure you can fully experience the charm and delight of this iconic New York City Carousel.

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How to get to the Central Park Carousel in New York

Situated in the heart of Central Park at 65th Street, the Carousel is easily accessible by subway or on foot. In fact, located in mid park, it’s less than 20 minutes away from the main Midtown Manhattan attractions.

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By Subway: Hop on the A, B, C subway lines and exit at 59th Street and Columbus Circle. Head east on 59th Street (Central Park South) and enter the park through the 6th Avenue entrance. From that point, follow the “on foot” instructions here below and easily get to the carousel.

On Foot: Starting at Central Park S 59th Street and 6th Ave, follow the primary path into the park. From there, take a left onto the Drive.

The Carousel will be visible to the north. Another option is to enter at 59th and 7th Ave. Walk through the tunnel, continue past the playground, and you’ll find the Carousel nearby.

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