One of the questions we are asked most frequently is: how long does it take to visit Central Park?

Central Park is a magical place, unique in the world. Each of its corners would deserve a separate chapter of this Blog. However, we know very well that the time of your trip to NYC is not eternal and you need to make some important choices about what to see and how much time to dedicate to it.

That’s why today we decided to write an article of our blog on the most famous park in the world and our advice on how much time to spend visiting it.

Starting from the assumption that in our opinion even a full day would not be enough to fully enjoy the park, what we really recommend is to devote at least half a day. 

This can be either a morning or an afternoon, according to your preference.

Half a day in Central Park

In half a day you’ll have the opportunity to visit most of the central and southern parts of the park, including iconic sites such as: Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, Strawberry Fields and John Lennon Memorial, Bow Bridge, Gapstow Bridge, the Mall and Belvedere Castle. 

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A great way to visit a large part of the park in the shortest possible time is to rent a bike.

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With the bike you can move faster and also reach famous landmarks in the northern part of the park. Most tourists don’t go that far, but this section of the park is definitely worth a visit. 

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What we strongly advise you to avoid is to spend only a couple of hours in Central Park and to visit only the southern part.

That’s the most touristic part of the park, so you won’t experience its true essence.

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