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Christmas Parade NYC: The Ultimate 2023 Day Event Guide

Have you ever watched a TV scene of Santa Claus on a parade float, waving to the New York crowd, and wondered when the “Christmas Parade NYC” takes place? The answer might surprise you: that’s Macy’s parade, and it actually happens on Thanksgiving Day, which in 2023 falls on November 23rd. Interestingly, NYC doesn’t host a dedicated Christmas Parade. You might think there would be a Christmas Parade NYC style, but the city, while bursting with holiday attractions, doesn’t offer this. Now, wouldn’t a proper Holiday Season Parade in NYC be a fantastic idea? While we hope for that to become a reality, I invite you to delve into My Blog about Christmas in New York. There, you’ll find a host of articles to help you plan your December vacation in the city that never sleeps to the fullest.

Christmas Parade in NYC with Santa Claus and the elves waving to the crowd from his float during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and excited spectators lining the streets of New York.

Does NYC have a Christmas Parade?

No, there isn’t an official Christmas Parade in New York City. The spectacle you may associate with a Christmas parade is actually a part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. On November 23rd, 2023, as every year, the parade concludes with Santa Claus on a float, a sight that often signals the start of the holiday season. Additionally, a few other holiday-themed floats traditionally mark the end of this parade.

However, if you’re planning to be in New York City on Christmas Day and are hoping for a large-scale event, it’s important to adjust your expectations. Christmas Day in NYC is surprisingly quiet in terms of organized events or celebrations. The city that never sleeps does slow down on this specific day. While there are plenty of things to do and see, don’t expect to find a grand parade marching down Fifth Avenue in NYC on December 25th.

For more info about NYC and the calendar of events for the 2023 Holiday Season, check out my article: Christmas in New York: 2023 Holiday Season dates and events.

A stunning view of the Santa Claus float passing by Central Park's tree-lined path during the iconic Macy's Thanksgiving event.


Don’t be disheartened if you were hoping to find a Christmas Parade with Santa Claus on December 25th in NYC. In fact, New York during the holiday season is the best city in the world. From the end of October to the beginning of January, New York City is a living symbol of Christmas celebrations.

I invite you to discover some of the most representative articles on my blog. Among these, the guide to the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree 2023 or the spectacular light and sound show of Saks Fifth Avenue. Even without a Christmas Day Parade, NYC knows how to celebrate the holidays.

Although there isn’t a Christmas Day Parade in NYC, the city is a cascade of lights, sounds, and festivities that make it a magical place to spend the holiday season. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience an unforgettable vacation in New York!