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One of the best experiences to have in New York is to go up to an observatory early in the morning, preferably at sunrise: seeing the lights of the city waking up for a new day is absolutely a fantastic thing to do, especially from one of the key NYC landmarks: the Empire State Building!

Sunrise New York Observation Deck

Which observatory, though, allows you to do that?

We’ve gathered for you the opening hours for your first visit of the day:

The Edge : 10 AM
Top of the Rock: 10 AM
One World Observatory : 10 AM
Empire State Building: 1 PM
The Summit: 3 PM

As you can see, 3 of the 5 observatories open at 10 AM: The Edge, Top of the Rock and One World Observatory.

The Empire State Building opens at 1 PM and the Summit at 3 PM.

No one, therefore, plans a sunrise visit with a regular ticket.

Sunrise Empire State Building

Sunrise with Starbucks on the 8th floor

One of these observatories has however a special ticket that allows you to go up to their observatory at 6:30 am to enjoy the lights of dawn.

We are talking about the Empire State Building.

The experience is called “SUNRISE WITH STARBUCKS ON THE 86TH FLOOR”.

In fact, in addition to the beautiful view of the city at sunrise from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building, you will also have a complimentary coffee from Starbucks!

The experience is available ONLY on Saturday and there are only 100 tickets available for each event.

In case you are interested, do not hesitate to buy your tickets in advance.

The ticket costs $115: a rather high price but if you find a nice day and clear skies, it’s worth every penny.

Empire State Building Sunrise

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