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Have you already booked your trip to New York in November or are you thinking of doing it but you don’t know at all what to expect in terms of weather and temperatures?

In this article of our blog you will find the main answers to your questions!

Let’s get started!

Is it cold in New York in November?

The answer is “it depends.” It depends on the day, if it’s raining or if the sun is shining. It depends if you visit New York at the beginning of the month (clearly the temperatures will be milder) or at the end. In statistical terms we can say that the average temperature during the day is 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius) while during the night it is 42 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius).

Some of the holiday season attractions in New York may already be open in November, such as the Bryant Park Winter Village

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Does it always rain in November in New York?

No, it doesn’t! There are 18 sunny or partly sunny days out of 30. So the majority. Rain days average 8 to 12 days per month, with 4 days of heavy rain. Cross your fingers that it doesn’t rain heavily when you visit New York. 

Do I have to carry an umbrella with me at all times?

What we suggest is to take a look in the morning, before leaving the hotel to discover the city, at a weather App. If the App predicts possible rainfall, then take it. Always carry a small umbrella with you. In case you don’t have it with you, you will find plenty of places around the city where you can buy a small umbrella, such as souvenir stores.

How should I dress?

Dress in layers. It can get cold early in the morning or as night falls, especially in case you decide to visit outdoor observatories. 

What shoes should I bring with me?

Comfortable shoes, always. Preferably water resistant. This way you will not have problems walking around the city. Let’s not forget the most important thing: the best way to discover NYC, rain or shine, is to walk. Always. There’s always something new to discover in New York and it’s so easy to get around the city thanks to its avenues and streets.

In fact, this could very well be the perfect topic for our new blog article: how to get around NYC?

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