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 NYC Pride 2023: Date, Time and Route of the iconic Gay Parade

Immerse yourself in the heart of LGBTQ+ community with NYC Pride 2023, an annual event that celebrates the community and culture of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people in New York City. From its historic route along Fifth Avenue to the Stonewall National Monument, the Gay Parade NYC, known as The March, is an event that provides a unique opportunity to celebrate and support diversity. “Strength in Solidarity” is the official theme of the 2023 New York Gay Parade. In this article of My NYC Blog, we discover together the dates, times, and route of the iconic Gay Pride 2023 in New York City. Furthermore, we will talk about the other exciting events of Gay and LGBTQ+ Pride 2023 in New York City. Among these, we remember PrideFest and PrideIsland at the Brooklyn Army Terminal with Christina Aguilera as the guest of honor. So get ready to discover everything there is to know about the world’s most famous Gay event: NYC Pride 2023.

A vibrant crowd of LGBTQ+ supporters and participants marching through Gay Street in Greenwich Village for NYC Pride 2023.

How to best prepare to discover the NYC Pride 2023

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Now that you know what I think you should do before planning your trip to NYC, let’s dive into the 2023 NYC Pride. Get ready to discover everything you need to know about the most famous and colorful Gay Pride Parade in the World.

The March 2023: The Icon of NYC Pride 2023

The March, or Pride Parade, is the most recognized symbol of NYC Pride 2023. This grand event welcomes everyone and sees over 110 floats parade! The march will take place on Sunday, June 25, 2023. It will start at 12 between 29th Street and Fifth Avenue. Keep reading to discover the details of the route and map of the gay parade of NYC Pride 2023. To participate actively, it is necessary to belong to an officially registered organization. The LGBTQ+ parade of New York City concludes around 6 pm on June 25, 2023.

The official theme for 2023 is “Strength in Solidarity”. This is a powerful message of unity and mutual support in response to the growing challenges that the LGBTQIA+ community in New York City must face.

NYC Pride 2023 participants proudly waving their rainbow flags during the monumental march.

Route of the Gay Pride Parade 2023 in NYC

The route of the Gay Pride Parade 2023 has not yet been officially confirmed, but we know that it traditionally begins at the intersection of 29th Street and 5th Avenue. Subsequently, the Gay March proceeds south on 5th Avenue, turns west on 8th Street, and continues on Christopher Street. The LGBTQ+ parade then continues in front of the Stonewall National Monument. From there, it turns north on 7th Avenue, passes in front of the New York AIDS Memorial, and then ends at 16th Street and 7th Avenue.

Where to position yourself to best view the New York Gay Parade?

The route of the NYC Pride Parade 2023 covers several areas of Manhattan, offering multiple options to enjoy the show.
However, some places are particularly appreciated both for visibility and for the historical importance of the Gay and LGBTQ+ movement. Among these:

  • Fifth Avenue: The New York Gay Parade starts here, so it’s a great point to see the floats at the beginning of their route. However, it can be very crowded, so I would advise you to arrive early to ensure a good spot.
  • Christopher Street/Stonewall Inn: This stretch is particularly significant because the march takes place in front of the Stonewall Inn. In fact, this is the place where the Stonewall riots began in 1969. Space here can be limited, but the historical atmosphere of NYC Pride 2023 is unmatched.
  • 16th Street and 7th Avenue: This is the end of the parade route, so it might be a bit less crowded. Here you will have the opportunity to see all the floats and marching groups as they conclude their route.

Remember, regardless of where you decide to position yourself, the important thing is to enjoy the festive atmosphere and celebrate the diversity and pride of the Gay and LGBTQ+ community in New York.

If you can’t be present along the route, don’t worry. The NYC Pride March 2023 will be broadcast live on ABC-7.

A diverse crowd at Pride Island 2023, immersed in the concert atmosphere, with a picturesque sunset in the background.

More than just a parade: other events of Gay Pride 2023 in NYC

In addition to the Pride Parade, NYC Pride 2023 hosts a series of other exciting gay and LGBTQ+ events.

PrideFest is a vibrant street festival that takes place in the Hudson Street area. With a range of vendors, entertainment, and activities, it celebrates equality in a festive atmosphere.

Pride Island is a big Gay and LGBTQ+ party with live music and DJs. It is also the 2023 NYC Pride’s most important annual fundraiser. This concert is for people over 21 years old. Pride Island will be at the Brooklyn Army Terminal with Christina Aguilera as the guest of honor.

After a day full of celebrations at NYC Pride 2023, if you still have energy, you can continue the party! In fact, there are many gay clubs in the city or you can end the evening on a rooftop bar in New York.

Remember, NYC Pride is an event of celebration, struggle, and solidarity, open to everyone who wants to participate. Pride is not just a Gay and LGBTQ+ parade, but a sentiment that the city that never sleeps should live 365 days a year.

A man joyfully leaping during the NYC Pride 2023 parade on the iconic 5th Avenue.


NYC Pride 2023 is much more than a simple Gay parade in New York: it is a celebration of pride, diversity, and solidarity of the LGBTQ+ community. From the march along Fifth Avenue, passing by the Stonewall National Monument, to the electrifying Pride Island party with Christina Aguilera, every moment of the event is full of meaning and festivity.

If you plan to attend the parade, remember that there are multiple options for viewing the show, from Fifth Avenue to Christopher Street, up to the end of the parade at 16th Street and 7th Avenue. And if you can’t be there, ABC-7 will broadcast live the NYC Pride March 2023. Hence, this will allow you to join the gay celebration from home.

Also, remember that NYC Pride is not just a day of Gay parade and celebration: it’s a movement that celebrates LGBTQ+ pride 365 days a year. So, even if the parade ends, the celebration and the fight for equality continue.

Finally, don’t forget the other exciting events that accompany NYC Pride. For example, the vibrant street festival PrideFest and the various parties at the city’s gay clubs. Whether you decide to participate in all the events or just one, NYC Pride 2023 is an experience you won’t forget.