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Pulitzer Fountain Christmas Lights (hidden gem on the 5th)

New York City shines bright during the holidays. One lesser-known treasure is the dazzling Pulitzer Fountain Christmas Lights. Located in Midtown Manhattan, this beautiful fountain offers a magical experience for all.


Where is the Pulitzer Fountain

The Pulitzer Fountain sits at the southern end of Grand Army Plaza. It is near the Plaza Hotel and Central Park. The fountain is at the intersection of 59th Street and 5th Avenue.

Architect Thomas Hastings designed the fountain. Newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer commissioned it to honor his legacy. Pulitzer left $50,000 for the fountain’s creation. It was completed in 1916.

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Pulitzer Fountain Christmas Lights

Pulitzer Fountain NYC Christmas Decorations with Polar Bears

The Pulitzer Fountain Christmas Lights are a hidden gem. Twinkling lights adorn the fountain during the holidays. These lights illuminate the beautiful bronze statue at the center.

Sculptor Karl Bitter designed the statue, and Isidore Konti finished it after Bitter’s death in 1911. The statue shows the Roman goddess of abundance holding a basket of fruit. She is surrounded by horns of plenty.

The area around the fountain also gets decorated. The front of the plaza and the Plaza Hotel have festive decorations and lights. The Pulitzer Fountain Christmas Lights offer a more intimate experience.

Indeed, it is a quieter spot compared to the busy Rockefeller Center and Saks Fifth Avenue. Visitors can stroll around the fountain, take photos, and enjoy a warm drink from a nearby vendor.


Best Christmas Activities to do nearby

While the Pulitzer Fountain Christmas Lights are a must-see, there are other festive attractions nearby. Here are some of the best Christmas activities to enjoy:

  • Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree: This iconic tree is a symbol of the holiday season in New York City. It’s a popular spot for photos and ice skating at the rink below.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue Lights Show: The holiday light show on the facade of Saks Fifth Avenue is a dazzling spectacle. It’s a perfect stop while exploring the 5th Avenue Christmas windows.
  • Lotte New York Palace Christmas Tree: Just a short walk from the Pulitzer Fountain, the Lotte New York Palace Hotel features an impressive Christmas tree in its courtyard. It’s an ideal spot for a festive photo op.
  • 5th Avenue Christmas Windows: As you stroll down 5th Avenue, don’t miss the beautifully decorated store windows. They’re a holiday tradition, and each year the displays get more creative and elaborate.
Pulitzer Fountain Holiday Star with yellow color and blue christmas ball

Get ready for Christmas in New York

The Pulitzer Fountain Christmas Lights are just one of many attractions. New York City has many festive spots during the holiday season. There is the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and the window displays of Saks Fifth Avenue.

Don’t miss the Plaza Hotel Christmas Tree. It is another must-see attraction near the Pulitzer Fountain and one of my favorite Christmas Trees in Manhattan.

To make the most of your holiday experience in New York City, check my Holiday Season Blog. It has lots of info on Christmas Trees, Christmas Lights, and more. New York City is waiting to dazzle you with its festive spirit. Get ready to explore and create lasting memories.

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