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Rockefeller Center or Bryant Park: which rink is better? Which is more convenient? What are the opening hours?

In today’s article we try to answer these questions and at the end we give you our personal advice on which rink to choose!


Bryant Park

The Bryant Park skating rink is famous for being the only completely free one in Midtown Manhattan.

However, in order to skate for free on the ice in Bryant Park, however, you need to have your own skates.

If you don’t have your own skates, the cost of admission to the rink is almost comparable to other skating rinks in New York.

In fact, renting skates does not have a set price: it costs between $15 and $45 depending on the day and time you choose to skate.

In order to spend as little as possible, we recommend that you choose a day that is not a holiday or a weekend and a time off-peak, so not in the evening but preferably early in the morning.

Rockefeller Center

Ice skating at Rockefeller Center definitely costs more than at Bryant Park.

In fact, the admission fee to the rink ranges from $20 to $54, depending on the day and time chosen.

To this must be added $10 in case you need to rent skates.

The same advice that we gave for the Bryant Park rink applies here as well: to spend as little as possible, don’t choose the weekend and skate in the morning and not in the evening.


Bryant Park

The Ice Skating Rink is open every day from 8 AM to 10 PM

From 19 November to 23 December the rink will be open with the following schedule:

Monday – Thursday: 8am-10pm

Friday – Sunday: 8am-11:30pm

From 24 December to Jan 2 the schedule will be the following one:

8am – 11:30 PM

Rockefeller Center

The Ice Skating Rink is open daily from 9 AM to Midnight

Extra info to keep in mind

In Bryant Park you also have the option of renting a private locker where you can store both shoes and bags.

Bag check:

Small locker : 5$ perfect for one pair of shoes OR coat

Medium locker: 12$ good for 2 or 4 people

Large locker: 15$ for oversize item like suitcase or stroller

Our final tips and conclusion

Both the Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park ice rinks are absolutely a fantastic experience to try if visiting New York City during the Christmas season. Choosing is not easy.

If you want to skate in a truly iconic location, then we recommend choosing the Rockefeller Center rink. Be prepared to pay more, though. 

If you’re planning a more budget-friendly trip, then choose the Bryant Park rink and reserve an early morning slot, where you’ll pay very little to rent skates.

Another factor to consider that is very important is that the Bryant Park skating rink is surrounded by Christmas markets where you will find many places to eat something delicious at a reasonable price.

In conclusion, whichever rink you choose we are sure you will make the right choice because both are fantastic.

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