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Rolfs NYC: A Christmas-Themed Restaurant Wonderland

When I think of a Christmas-themed restaurant in New York City during the holiday season, the first place that comes to mind is Rolfs NYC. In this article I will tell you everything you need to know about Rolfs restaurant, from its menu featuring German Cuisine, to photos of its festive decorations and lights at its Christmas Bar. Also, we will explain you how to make reservations at Rolfs NYC. So get ready to discover Rolfs NYC, the most popular Christmas-themed restaurant in all of Manhattan.

Blonde woman marvels at the stunning Christmas decor inside Rolfs NYC, her expression conveying sheer delight at the enchanting holiday atmosphere.

Rolfs NYC: the most famous Christmas-Themed German restaurant in NYC

In this article about Rolfs NYC, we will embark on a journey through this delightful Christmas-themed German restaurant and Bar, exploring its menu, admiring the festive photos, and guiding you through the process of securing your reservations for a truly magical dining experience.

I am sure you will fall in love with Rolfs, the most incredible Christmas-Themed NYC Restaurant. It’s definetely the most famous one in the whole Manhattan. Its Christmas Lights, German Cuisine and festive atmosphere will surprise you!

In fact, stepping into Rolf’s German Restaurant in NYC is like entering a magical wonderland.

In this restaurant, dazzling lights and mesmerizing decorations adorn every corner.

This venue in Midtown Manhattan is famous for its delicious German cuisine and unmatched holiday spirit. Securing a reservation at Rolfs NYC is a win-win for your Holiday Trip to New York.

This venue is the perfect destination for those seeking a memorable dining experience during the NYC Holiday Season.

Join us as we explore the location, menu, photos and reservations of this iconic gem in the heart of New York City.

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This other Christmas-themed restaurant, like Rolfs, has gained great fame over time because of its beautiful holiday decorations. Both restaurants and bars are great choices for a special holiday-themed dinner in New York City.

Inside Rolfs NYC Christmas Restaurant in NYC

Inside New York’s most Christmassy restaurant

Stepping into Rolfs NYC is like discovering a magical and enchanting world. Its festive Christmas decorations and twinkling lights adorning every corner of the restaurant are simply stunning. This German restaurant in Manhattan has earned the reputation of being the most photographed during the holiday season, thanks to its breathtaking decor crafted by a team of five talented artists. Over three months of diligent work went into installing the festive decorations, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind atmosphere that makes Rolfs NYC one of the most famous Christmas-themed restaurants in the world.

What makes Rolfs even more special is that its 200,000 Christmas decorations remain on display year-round. This means that visitors to Rolfs NYC outside the holiday season can still enjoy the magical atmosphere. While the restaurant is swarmed by tourists seeking the perfect Instagram photo during the Christmas period, outside of the holiday season, Rolfs NYC becomes a completely accessible dining destination. With no lines to enter NYC’s most famous German restaurant, you can savor the enchanting decor and take stunning photos with the decorations any time of the year.

If you’re visiting New York outside the Christmas season, make sure to stop by Rolfs NYC for an unforgettable dining experience surrounded by its captivating decorations, and capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Furthermore, visiting Rolfs NYC outside the holiday season makes securing a reservation much easier. As you will discover later in this article, during the Christmas period, the management of the German restaurant does not answer the phone and does not take reservations. However, in other months of the year, it’s much easier to make a phone reservation by calling 212-477-4750 or 212-473-8718.

Stunning interior view of a festively adorned restaurant, with twinkling lights and vibrant Christmas decorations creating a mesmerizing holiday atmosphere.

Where is Rolfs German Restaurant in NYC

Situated in the Midtown Manhattan neighborhood known as Gramercy, Rolfs NYC offers a unique dining experience in a residential district of New York City, which is typically less frequented by tourists. Visiting this Christmas-themed restaurant not only allows you to enjoy the festive atmosphere but also provides an opportunity to explore a lesser-known part of New York. Despite its location, Rolfs NYC remains a popular tourist attraction. Many holiday visitors are eager to experience the renowned German restaurant.

You can find Rolfs NYC at its exact address, 281 Third Avenue. This is easily accessible by foot or via the city’s bustling subway system. Throughout this article, we will provide detailed instructions on how to reach Rolfs NYC, whether you’re walking or using the ever-reliable New York subway network. So, stay tuned to discover the best ways to arrive at this enchanting dining destination.

Crowded interior of Rolfs NYC, with visitors capturing photos of the dazzling decorations, as the enchanting holiday ambiance fills the bustling restaurant.

How to get to Rolfs by Foot from Times Square

The easiest and fastest way to get from the Red Stairs in Times Square to Rolfs NYC is by taking a leisurely stroll through the city. Starting at 50th Street, walk down Broadway until you reach 26th Street. At this point, you’ll find yourself near the iconic Flatiron Building and the entrance to Madison Square Park. Continue through the park and head east on 22nd Street until you arrive at the intersection with 3rd Avenue. Rolfs NYC is located at 281 Third Avenue, awaiting your arrival.

This pleasant walk through a safe area of New York City takes approximately 35 minutes to complete and covers a distance of 1.7 miles (approximately 2.7 kilometers). Not only will you enjoy the scenic route, but you’ll also get the chance to take in the vibrant atmosphere and unique sights of NYC as you make your way to the enchanting Rolfs NYC. After this invigorating walk, you’ll likely find yourself even hungrier and more eager to indulge in the delicious German specialties that Rolfs NYC has to offer.

A delectable sauerkraut wurst, featuring a juicy, grilled sausage nestled on a bed of tangy sauerkraut, creating a mouthwatering and authentic German culinary experience.

Getting to the most famous German Christmas Restaurant by Subway

If you prefer to reach Rolfs NYC, the most famous German Christmas restaurant, via subway, several convenient options are available. The closest subway lines to the restaurant include the 4, 6, N, R, and W lines, which all stop at the 23rd Street subway station.

To reach Rolfs NYC from Times Square using the subway, begin by taking the downtown-bound R or W train from the Times Square-42nd Street station. After a total of five stops, disembark at the 23rd Street station. Once you exit the station, head east on 23rd Street for about three blocks until you reach 3rd Avenue. Turn right onto 3rd Avenue and walk south for one block until you arrive at 281 Third Avenue, the location of the enchanting Rolfs NYC.

By opting for the subway, you can enjoy a quick and easy trip to Rolfs NYC while experiencing New York’s iconic public transportation system.

Charming street view of Rolfs NYC German Restaurant, showcasing glimpses of the festive Christmas decorations inside, with twinkling lights and colorful ornaments inviting passersby to experience the holiday magic.

How to make a reservation at Rolf’s German Restaurant

Making a reservation at Rolfs NYC German Restaurant requires a more traditional approach, as the only way to secure a reservation is by calling one of the following numbers: 212-477-4750 or 212-473-8718. However, during the busy Holiday Season in New York, it is important to note that they often do not pick up the phone.

International tourists should try making a reservation at Rolfs NYC once or twice, but it is not advisable to waste time and money on numerous international calls, as the chances of getting through are slim. Unfortunately, Rolfs does not accept reservations online, nor through popular reservation platforms such as Open Table or Resy.

This reservation process differentiates Rolfs NYC from Papillon, another delightful Christmas-themed restaurant in the city. Papillon, on the other hand, accepts online reservations via Open Table.

The reason behind Rolfs not taking reservations during the Holiday Season is the incredible popularity and constant crowd of eager visitors. Rolfs NYC operates on a walk-in basis during this time, which can result in long queues, with waiting times of up to 3 hours in December.

It is important to remember that Rolfs NYC keeps its mesmerizing decorations up all year long. If you have the opportunity to visit New York City during the Spring or Summer season, it might be a smarter choice to avoid the lengthy lines and make a reservation at the restaurant during the quieter months. This way, you can still experience the enchanting atmosphere of Rolfs without the hassle of waiting in line for hours.

For detailed information on opening, closing times, reservations and menu, we invite you to visit Rolfs NYC’s official website and plan your unforgettable Christmas visit and photos to this magical German restaurant.

Inside a venue with lots of lights

How long are the Christmas decorations up at Rolfs NYC?

At Rolfs NYC, the mesmerizing Christmas decorations remain on display all year long. This makes the restaurant a magical destination regardless of the season. For those who have the good fortune of visiting New York City multiple times a year, it is highly recommended to return during the Spring or Summer months. In these less crowded seasons, you can enjoy Rolfs NYC and take Christmas Photos without facing the long lines that are typical during the Holiday Season in New York.

The restaurant operates on a walk-in basis during the peak holiday season. As such, it is not uncommon for eager visitors to wait for 2 to 3 hours in line to secure a table. If you find the restaurant to be full, one option to save time is to speak with the restaurant manager and mention that you would like to enjoy a drink at the Rolfs NYC Christmas Bar rather than dining at a table. However, keep in mind that many people in line may have the same idea. Hence, this strategy might not save you much time.

Another alternative is to visit Rolfs NYC during the Holiday Season outside of the standard lunch or dinner hours. In this way your visit to Rolfs will be more like a Christmas Bar experience. This approach could save you some extra time and still allow you to enjoy the captivating atmosphere.

In addition to the above suggestions, it’s worth noting that the kitchen at Rolfs NYC is open from 12:00 Noon until 10:00 PM. To avoid the lunch or dinner rush, you could consider visiting the restaurant around 3 PM or 4 PM, when it might be less crowded.

Furthermore, according to their website, the Christmas Bar at Rolfs NYC remains open later than 10 PM. As such, another viable option is to join the queue around 9 PM and plan to visit after dinner for a drink. This allows you to savor the enchanting holiday ambiance while avoiding peak dining hours.

For more information about opening times, menu, reservations and photos at Rolfs NYC, be sure to check out the official website of the restaurant to plan your visit accordingly.

A delicious golden-brown German Schnitzel served on a plate, accompanied by a side of vibrant vegetables and a drizzle of savory sauce and potatoes

Rolfs Menu: taste the typical German Cuisine in NYC

Rolfs NYC offers a diverse menu, mostly focused on the traditional German cuisine.

The menu features delectable options such as French Onion Soup ($17.00) and Steamed Mussels in Riesling Broth ($23.95). You can savor classic German dishes like Wiener Schnitzel ($38.95) or Jaeger Schnitzel ($38.95). For seafood lovers, options like Sautéed Wild King Salmon ($39.95) and Baked Tilapia ($36.95) await. Don’t forget to try one of the delicious side dishes at Rolfs NYC like Spätzle ($18.00) or German Potato Salad ($13.00).

To help you choose, I’ve created 2 menu ideas that I think will allow you to try some of the restaurant’s best specialties.

In creating two menu ideas, I aimed to provide a diverse and satisfying dining experience that highlights the best of Rolfs NYC’s offerings.

Menu Idea 1:

  • Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail ($24.95)
  • Sauerbraten with Red Cabbage and Mashed Potato ($39.95) or Schnitzel a la Holstein, Capers, Egg, Anchovies, Vegetable, Spätzle ($39.95)
  • Cucumber Salad ($12.00)

Total price per person: $76.90. With 8.875% NYC tax: $83.68

For Menu Idea 1, I focused on a well-rounded meal that incorporates a flavorful appetizer, a classic German meat dish, and a refreshing side. The Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail appetizer adds a touch of elegance, while the traditional Sauerbraten with Red Cabbage and Mashed Potato showcases the essence of German cuisine. The Schnitzel a la Holstein, Capers, Egg, Anchovies, Vegetable, Spätzle is one of the German specialities at Rolfs NYC. To balance the rich flavors, a light Cucumber Salad side dish was chosen.

Menu Idea 2:

  • French Onion Soup ($17.00)
  • Rainbow Trout with Butter Sauce and Boiled Potatoes ($37.95)
  • Beet Salad ($12.00)

Total price per person: $66.95. With 8.875% NYC tax: $72.91

Menu Idea 2 is designed for those who prefer a lighter meal with a focus on seafood. I started with the comforting French Onion Soup to warm up the palate. Next, I selected the delicate Rainbow Trout with Butter Sauce and Boiled Potatoes, highlighting the Rolfs NYC restaurant’s seafood offerings. To complement the fish, a nutritious Beet Salad side dish adds a burst of color and flavor to the meal.

Both menu ideas aim to provide a memorable dining experience. They showcase the variety and quality of Rolfs NYC’s dishes and are perfect for Instagram Photos. Keep in mind that these prices do not include tips or drinks, so be sure to factor in these additional costs when planning your visit.

A couple sharing a kiss at Rolfs' Christmas bar, each holding a German beer, as they enjoy the festive atmosphere and celebrate their love in the warm, inviting setting.

Try the real German Beer at Rolfs NYC

Experience the authentic taste of German beer at Rolfs NYC, where you can immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of their Christmas Bar, perfect for photos and videos. With a carefully curated selection of brews imported straight from Germany, each beer offers a unique flavor profile that complements the restaurant’s delicious cuisine.

Start your German beer journey with the Weihenstephaner Hefe Weiss, a golden-yellow wheat beer featuring fine-poured white foam, clove aroma, and a refreshing banana flavor. Next, try the full-bodied Hofbrau Lager at Rolfs NYC, known for its fine spicy bouquet, subtle maltiness, and a fine hoppy aroma. The Hofbrau Hefe Weiss offers a sparkling, rich foam with a fruity and unforgettable taste.

For those who prefer a crisp and clear beer, the Radeberger Pilsner from Dresden is an excellent choice, boasting a pale golden color, creamy foam, and a subtle note of bitterness. Lastly, explore at Rolfs NYC the depth of the Hofbrau Dunkel Dark, a beer that ranges in color from amber to reddish-brown and is characterized by its smooth malty flavor.

Indulging in a German beer at Rolfs NYC’s Christmas Bar is the perfect way to complete your festive dining experience, transporting you to the heart of Germany with each sip.

Crowds of people enjoying themselves at Rolfs NYC Christmas Bar, surrounded by dazzling decorations, as they share festive drinks and conversation in the lively atmosphere.

Experience the Christmas Bar at Rolfs NYC

Savor the festive spirit at Rolfs NYC German Restaurant with their delightful Christmas drinks and cocktails at the Christmas Bar. Alongside their impressive selection of German beers, Rolfs NYC offers a variety of holiday-inspired beverages that will warm your soul and ignite your festive cheer.

Indulge in the traditional German warm spiced mulled wine, known as Glühwein. This comforting drink is made by infusing red wine with various mulling spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, and star anise, making it the perfect choice for a cozy winter evening.

If you’re in the mood for something a little different, try the Spiked Warm Apple Cider. This Rolfs NYC speciality is a delicious concoction of Brinley’s Ship Wreck Spiced Rum and Possmann’s Mulled Apple Cider. For a sweet and luxurious treat, opt for the Golden Vanilla Cream, which combines Merry’s White Chocolate Cream with a splash of Goldschlager.

The Christmas Bar at Rolfs NYC also offers an enticing selection of cocktails, such as Rolf’s Chocolate Martini made with Original Merry’s Irish Cream, vodka, and Meletti Choccolato. Sample the Burndt Toasted Almond, a delightful blend of Merry’s Irish Cream, vodka, Gianelli Coffee Liquor, and Amaretto, or enjoy the Redwood Empire Manhattan featuring Redwood Empire Bourbon and a splash of cherry brandy. For a fruity twist, don’t miss the Cranapple Smash, a refreshing mix of Tru Lemon Vodka, cranberry, and apple juice.

No matter your preference, Rolfs NYC’s Christmas Bar offers a festive drink to suit every taste. This allows you to fully embrace the holiday atmosphere and perfect for your Instagram photos.