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Skating at Bryant Park Tickets Info & Prices

In this article from my NYC BLOG we cover everything you need to know about Ice Skating Tickets at Bryant Park.

I will explain in detail where to buy tickets for the rink, their cost, and also information about skate rentals, time slots and skate times.

People Ice Skating in Bryant Park after buying tickets online

Introduction: Ice Skating Rink in Bryant Park

Bryant Park is a fantastic little park in Midtown Manhattan. You will find it between the 40th and the 42nd Street and between the 5th and the 6th Avenues.

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As of when can I buy tickets for ice skating sessions at the Bryant Park Rink?

Admission to the ice skating rink Bryant Park rink will open on October 28, 2023.

Usually tickets for skate sessions go on sale a few months in advance.

My advice is to book tickets in advance, especially if you want to skate on a weekend or vacation.

People having fun at Bryant Park with a view of the Empire State Building

Where can I buy tickets for Ice Skating in Bryant Park Rink?

The only way to buy tickets for ice skating is visit the park’s official website.

There you can select the time slot of your skate session and also select whether you want to skate during the week or on the weekend.

Select weekend and holidays in case you want to Ice Skate on Saturdays, Sundays and special occasions (like Christmas Day or Thanksviging Day).

It goes as a result that if you decide to book one of the skate times during the weekend, the cost of skate rental is higher compared to other days of the week.

How much it costs to ice skate in Bryant Park?

Bryant Park’s is the only free admission open air ice skating rink in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

Ice skaters pay nothing to have fun on this ice rink. This is different compared to the rink at Rockefeller Center or Central Park.

The only thing you will pay is the cost of renting ice skates.

However, if you bring your own skates, the access is free.

How much it costs to rent ice skates?

The price of skate rental in Bryant Park ranges from $15 to $50. The price varies depending on the day and time you decide to skate.

For example, renting skates on Tuesday morning will cost much less than on Saturday night.

If you have a Bank of America credit card, you will be entitled to benefits.

Can I purchase the tickets directly at Bryant Park?

No, tickets can only be purchased on the official Bryant Park website.

Once you get to the rink with your reservation, you can go to the skating pavilion.

Here you will rent skates and get ready to enter the ice rink.

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