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The 10 Best Burgers in Brooklyn and Where to Find Them

Looking for the best burger in Brooklyn? With this article of my NYC BLOG you will find a lot of tasty inspiration. Don’t forget to also check out our guide to the Best Burgers in NYC for even more delicious options across the city.

In fact, Brooklyn is full of amazing burger spots with unique twists.

We’ve made it simple for you by listing the top 10 places to find the tastiest burgers. Read on and get ready to satisfy your cravings in this exciting borough.

Best Burger in Brooklyn Bernie with Fries

Bernie’s: A Timeless Destination for the Best Burger in Brooklyn

Bernie’s is a trusted local hangout located on the north side McCarren Park, Williamsburg. This is the type of place where bartenders feel like family, and diners don’t have to dress up to impress. It’s a small room with classic American decor. Think dim lighting, red-checkered tablescloths, vodka martinis and ice cream sundaes with cherries.

The restaurant opened in 2018 but it appears to have been around since 1950. It features pendant lighting and a dark wooden bar, where you can wait while you wait for your table. They don’t accept reservations. If you try to place your order after 6 p.m. on Friday or Saturday, it might not be possible.

At Bernie’s, you’ll find the Best Burger in Brooklyn served in a classic American setting, creating a memorable dining experience.

The burger: Cheesburger Deluxe, a double-patty burger made with American cheese, shredded lettuce, and other “the works”. Burger, fries and other sides can be purchased separately. Although the price isn’t necessarily cheap, it is a good deal.

Strangeways: A Flavorful Adventure Awaits with the Best Burgers in Brooklyn

Strangeways was opened in 2020, just before the outbreak of COVID. However, it has proved its worth in the community. It is situated on a large plot on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg. The restaurant has a cozy, plant-filled patio and delicious food.

Strangeways offers a unique twist on the Best Burgers in Brooklyn, with its dry-aged cheeseburger and flavorful tomato-horseradish sauce.

The burger: A dry-aged cheeseburger, served with cheddar, tomato sauce, iceberg lettuce and red onion. Served with fries or a side salad. Also, thick-cut bacon can be added.

Tørst: Danish Elegance Meets the Best Burger in Brooklyn

Torst, a modern Danish tavern, is located on Greenpoint’s busiest streets. It is known for its extensive beer selection and sharing plates.

They also serve wine and cocktails. The interior features a white ceiling with beautiful wood panels and walls. Foodies looking for a few tasty bites to share will love this spot.

Tørst’s Danish-inspired atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for savoring one of the Best Burgers in Brooklyn, featuring smoked tomato jam and gruyere.

Its flagship burger is called “Dry-aged Burger”. It comes with sprouts, gruyere, smoked tomato jam, and red onions on a toasted Brioche bun.

Emily Best Burger in Brooklyn with ketchup and fries

Emily / Emmy Squared: Millennial Vibes Meet the Best Burgers in Brooklyn

Emily is located in the West Village, Manhattan, and Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. There’s also a Emmy Squared in Williamsburg.

The decor is classic millennial: long wooden tables, subway tiles, shelves, plants, and white walls. The cherry on top of their millennial decor is the fact that they play 2010s music while you dine. Their sheet-pan pizzas are another favorite, but their burger is an extravagant and eye-catching delight. If you’re also a pizza lover, check out our list of the Best Pizza around Times Square.

The top notch burger is called “Emmy Burger”. This is a Pat LaFrieda dry-aged beef with special “Emmy Sauce”. Also, they use caramelized onions, Grafton cheese, on a pretzel bun, with cornichon, and skinny fries. This is definetely one of the best burgers in Brooklyn NY.

Home Frite: A Casual Spot for the Best Burger in Brooklyn Experience

This classic New York-style fast-food restaurant serves delicious, affordable food and also offers alcohol. It has a modern, welcoming interior. Home Frite is a Brooklyn-based restaurant that serves some of the finest burgers. You can also get patty melts and chicken sandwiches, as well as loaded fries, boneless wings, and boozie milkshakes.

Home Frite’s casual vibe and delicious menu make it a go-to spot for those in search of the Best Burgers in Brooklyn, including their Award Winning Cheeseburger.

The burger is “Award Winning Cheeseburger”, with caramelized onions and American cheese, pickles and secret sauce.

Best Burgers in Brooklyn Cozy Royale

Cozy Royale: Indulge in Top-Quality Meat and Tasty Burgers

Cozy Royale, Williamsburg’s sister restaurant, is a neighborhood butcher. The meat in this New York City Burger restraurant is amazing. Also, they cook it to perfection. This results in some of Brooklyn’s best burgers.

The restaurant has a small, cozy dining area that looks like a grandmother’s home. The menu includes traditional French dishes, as well as American and Polish classics like steak tartare, lobster pierogies and moules frites.

Cozy Royale, known for its top-notch meat quality, serves up some of the Best Burgers in Brooklyn, like their mouthwatering Royale Burger with Red Rock cheddar.

The burger is “Royale Burger”, with Red Rock cheddar and red onion, leaf lettuce. Tomato, pickles, dijonaise. Served with fries

BK JANI: A Flavorful Journey Through Pakistani-American Fusion

BK JANI, a Pakistani restaurant known for its kebabs and hamburgers, has two Brooklyn locations: one downtown and one Bushwick.

This Burger spot in Brooklyn is as creative and eclectic as its neighborhood. Meals are served on wooden trays or paper plates.

Their menu includes a seekh kabab, chicken tikka, masala fries, and a fried chicken sandwich.

Experience a fusion of flavors at BK JANI, where their signature “The JANI” Burger stands out as one of the Best Burgers in Brooklyn, combining Pakistani flair with classic American taste.

The hamburger: “The JANI” A half-pound burger that’s medium rare and served with mint chutney and grilled tomato. This is one of the best burgers in NYC.

Blue Collar: Classic Diner Delights and Unforgettable Burgers

Blue Collar was inspired by your favorite American diner experience. Think of tin signs, fountain drinks, hand-made milkshakes and red and yellow mustard squeezers at each table. The counter serves fast food, including all-day breakfast, chili fries, chicken tenders, onion rings and buffalo chicken tenders. You will be transported to a small-town drive in right in the middle Williamsburg.

The hamburger: “Flat Top Burger” upstate brisket burger with American Cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles. You can also add French fry or onion rings to your combo.

Two8Two: Craft Beer, Cocktails, and the Best Burger in BrooklynTwo8Two

Two8Two, a bar/burger restaurant located in Boerum Hill in Brooklyn, specializes in craft cocktails and craft beers.

There are over 10 tasty burgers on their menu. On top of them you will find chili cheddar hotdogs and nachos as well as onion rings and a BLT. There’s also a back patio with picnic tables, and an indoor pub-style dining room. For the best burgers in Brooklyn, come here.

The burger is “Pub Burger”, an eight-ounce hamburger that comes with grilled onions and cheddar cheese as well as bacon and two8two sauce


As you’ve discovered, Brooklyn is a haven for burger lovers, offering a wide variety of options to satisfy every craving. From classic American diners to eclectic fusion experiences, our top 10 list of the best burgers in Brooklyn is sure to delight your taste buds.

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