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The Dolly Llama: a Sweet Sensation from LA to NYC

Two people holding the Hong Kong Style Bubble Waffle from Dolly Llama in NYC

Dolly Llama, one of the most famous dessert shops in Los Angeles, has just landed in New York.

This dessert destination was born out of a quest to present something sweet, new and innovative. When I got the news, I decided to write an article about its Bubble Waffles in my NYC BLOG.

Dolly Llama New York’s main speciality is its Bubble Waffles. These are original Hong Kong desserts, similar to the more traditional ones from Belgium. The Bubble Waffles are perfect to go with toppings and sauces.

The thing I love most about this dessert shop in New York is that all the desserts are freshly made, fresh before your eyes.

The origins of the Hong Style Waffles in New York

Dolly Llama was born from the creative genius of Eric Shomof and Samuel Baroux, two childhood friends who decided to turn their passion for desserts into a successful entrepreneurial project. Dolly is really a Llama on a farm in the south of France. Her friendliness made Dolly be Samuel Baroux’s favorite Llama and inspired him in choosing the name of this Dessert Shop.

Dolly Llama Bubble Waffles Lower East Side NYC with Fresh Fruit and Nutella Topping

Where to find Dolly Llama Ice Cream Shop in New York

The dessert shop is located at 137 1st Avenue #2 by St. Marks Place in the East Village.

The East Village in New York is a very youthful area with lots of clubs and bars. Dolly Llama’s choice to open a club in this area of New York is in perfect style of looking for something innovative and cool.

Signature Bubble Waffles at Dolly Llama NYC

As written above, you must definitely try the Hong Kong Style Bubble Waffle. Sweet, tasty and at the same time cool and warm. These are my favorite items of their menu. Top it with your favorite ice cream flavor and some good toppings (including Nutella).

At this ice cream shop in the Lower East Side you will be able to satisfy all your sweet cravings in NYC.

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