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In today’s blog post, we decided to put together the top questions our followers on Instagram planning to visit The Edge are asking about one of the most beloved observatories in New York

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Where is The Edge located?

The Edge is located on the West side of Midtown Manhattan, near the Hudson River, in an area called Hudson Yards.

What is the address of The Edge?

The Edge is located at the following address:  30 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001, United States.

How do I get to The Edge?

Our recommendation is to walk. The Edge is about a 25 minute walk from the Empire State Building. Alternatively, you can take the subway.

What is the nearest subway stop?

The closest stop is called Hudson Yard and is accessible by the 7 train.

What are the opening hours of The Edge?

The Edge is open every day from 10am to 10pm. 

How much does it cost to visit The Edge?

A basic ticket is $36 for adults and $31 for children. 

What is the best time to visit The Edge?

As with all other observatories, we recommend 2 options.The first is to visit The Edge early in the morning, as soon as it opens, so you can be among the first to go up to the observatory.
The first is to visit The Edge early in the morning, as soon as it opens, so you can be among the first to go up to the observatory.
The second is to buy a sunset ticket (it will cost you $10 more) to enjoy the view during golden hour. In this case, however, expect a large crowd of people.

How long can I stay on the observation deck before going down?

There is no time limit to stay on the observation deck. Once you go up you can stay as long as you want. 

What is the biggest reason to go on The Edge?

The Edge is the tallest outdoor observatory in the Western Hemisphere. The view from up there is unbeatable. A must experience in a lifetime.

Is The Edge open when it rains?

Yes.Unless the observatory management closes The Edge for specific reasons, The Edge is open whether the sun is shining or raining. 

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Can I cancel or change my tickets at The Edge if it rains?

No. In the event that it rains, tickets will not be replaced or exchanged.

The elevator to the observatory is scary. Can I take the stairs?

No. The stairs are not accessible to the public, unless for safety or emergency reasons. To reassure you, the elevator ride takes only 52 seconds.

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