Best Cookies in NYC – Top 5 Spots

NYC means home of the best places to eat cookies in the world: chocolate, oatmeal raisin and red velvet… choose your favorite bakery!

Everyone knows that New York City is where you can get the best pizza, bagels, and burgers in the world. Few people are aware of how exceptional the city’s cookies are.

In our hunt for the best cookie shops in NYC, we narrowed our results down to only five spots.

After writing articles about the Best Burgers in Times Square and the Best Neapolitan Pizza in New York City, it’s time to talk about something a little sweet.

When you bite into these cookies, you’ll be drooling in anticipation of dipping these crunchy, gooey, exquisite treats in milk for a late-night snack or simply seeking to add a little sweetness to your day.

As soon as you take a mouthful of one of these delectable delights, you’ll be craving cookies after every meal for the rest of your life.

1. Levain Bakery

Location: Multiple locations around the city but the original one is in the Upper West Side, not far from Central Park


When someone mentions the word “cookie,” the question “Have you been to Levain?” is a common response in New York.

Almost everyone in the city, and we do not mean this in jest, adores Levain Bakery’s baked cookies. They are always in the top positions of the best 5 cookies spot in NYC!

Levain’s innovative twists on traditional flavors, such as Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip and Vanilla Bean, will be a cookie connoisseur’s dream come true.

Additionally, these products are available for purchase in certain grocery store freezers. They also ship their cookies to any address in the continental United States.

No excuses, you must try them!

In our opinion, the Levain Bakery’s Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie is a must-try on your cookie bucket list! But attention: there will most likely be a long line to get one of these delicious treats.

2. Chip City

Location: Multiple Locations across NYC but the first and original one is in Astoria, Queens.


Originally from New York, Chip City first appeared on the cookie scene in Astoria, Queens, in 2017. It’s no surprise that they’re considered to be one of the best cookies shops in the NYC, given their focus on the sweet treat.

They now have a number of locations throughout Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Their bakeries are really one of the best ones for cookies in NYC.

With a variety of flavors ranging from Chocolate Chip to S’mores to Peanut Butter & Jelly to even “Everything” Bagel, there’s something for everyone here. In addition, they ship cookie dough sets for baking at home to nearly every state.

3. The Good Batch

Location: in Brooklyn, but you can easily get there with the Subway line C from Times Square


The Good Batch sells a wide variety of items. This includes breakfast goods and cakes, as well as ice cream sandwiches. However, their specialty is unquestionably cookies.

You can choose from a diverse menu of flavours that are unimaginable, including everything from Tahini Chocolate Chunk to Peanut Butter Fully Loaded to Ginger Molasses. You can also find one of the best chocolate cookies in NYC.

Every member of your group will be able to find something they will enjoy because there are numerous gluten-free and vegan options available.

4. Dominique Ansel Bakery

Location: in SoHo, not far from Washington Square Park


Cookies and milk are reimagined in a completely different way in Dominique Ansel Bakery’s cookie shot, which is one of the most unique takes on the humble cookie NYC.

We strongly advise you to try their “Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot,” which we are confident you will enjoy.

Keep in mind that this is one of the most well-known places in New York City to get dessert, so be prepared to wait in line.

5. Schmackary’s

Location: Hell’s Kitchen, not far away from Times Square


Last but not least in our best 5 cookies spots in NYC is Schmackery’s.

Unlike other cookie shops in New York, this establishment goes beyond having one of the best chocolate cookies in NYC.

This bakery has more than “75 Flavors and Counting,” and there is no end in sight to the number of flavors available.

Although the flavors on display are constantly changing, you can always count on a few classics.

Enjoy sweet corn, glazed pistachio, Pumpkin Pick of the Patch, Cookie Butter Bliss, candied yams, and maple bacon while using your imagination to guide your bites.