Best Pizza near Central Park

There are thousands of pizza places in NYC, slice or pie, and some of the best ones are located near Central Park. If you plan a visit to New York’s most famous park, this article will definitely help you find the best pizza.




Best pizza near Central Park

I have selected for you 5 pizzerias in different locations around Central Park: south, east, west and north. I have also chosen some pizza places that offer typical Neapolitan pizza, others that do New York-style pizza slices, and other full pies of pizza.

Here below the list of my favorite 5 pizza places near Central Park

  1. Pizzarte
  2. San Matteo Pizzeria e Cucina
  3. Sottocasa Harlem
  4. 99 Cent Fresh Pizza
  5. My Pie Pizzeria Romana


PizzArte captures the spirit of Naples with a restaurant that is truly Neapolitan in spirit. This applies both to the ingredients, to the traditional preparations, to the presentation and the service. Everyone from the waitstaff, to the general manager, to the pizzaiolo and the executive chef are from Naples.

In addition to the highest quality cuisine, the restaurant also features a changing gallery of contemporary art, giving guests the opportunity to re-engage with painting in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

Pizzarte is located a short walk from the south entrance of Central Park, on 57th Street between 6th and 5th Avenues. Click HERE to find the Google Maps link to the pizzeria.

San Matteo Pizzeria e Cucina

Since 2010, Pizzeria San Matteo has been successfully offering the best Italian, Campania and Salerno products to the city of New York.
Fabio and Ciro Casella are the owners and souls of the Pizzeria. They have created a restaurant that offers a unique experience faithful to the tradition of true Neapolitan pizza.

For this reason, the pizzeria San Matteo has become a point of reference in New York for all those who love Italian cuisine. It is no coincidence that many VIPs choose the San Matteo pizzeria to taste quality products in a unique experience of immersion in Italian philosophy and culinary tradition.

In addition to traditional and gourmet pizzas, San Matteo pizzeria offers from pasta to appetizers.

San Matteo is located in the Upper East Side, at the intersection of 2nd Avenue and 81st Street.

Sottocasa Harlem

Sottocasa Harlem is owned by Elena and Matteo
, true Italians with different background but with two great passions in common: good food and travel.

Elena was born in Naples and has always lived in her mother’s restaurant. This explains her passion for good food. Matteo is from Piacenza and after traveling around Italy and Europe, he found in NYC the best place to open his pizzeria. In this way he turned his dream into reality.

Sottocasa is located in Harlem, on Malcom X Boulevard and the intersection with 121st Street.

99 Cent Fresh Pizza

It was 2001 when they opened the first 99 Cent Fresh Pizza. They now have 8 locations around NYC. Here you can eat slices of pizza in true New York style for only $1 a slice. Alternatively, you can also get a whole pizza pie for only $8. This is without a doubt the best place to eat a good slice of pizza at the lowest cost in the New York market.

The location of this pizzeria closest to Central Park is at the intersection of Broadway and 55th Street

My Pie Pizzeria Romana

The Taglio Alla Romana was originally created from a bread recipe years ago. The quality of the pizza was then improved by bakers in Rome, Italy.

The pizza dough is made out of a special mix of flours from Rome, Italy. There is no sugar added to the recipe which makes the process slower. It requires in fact 48 hours to get the dough ready for its baking stage. This is longer than any other pizza dough.

The creation of their pizzas requires a different baking process. Each pizza’s top and bottom parts are cooked at different temperature levels. The use unique electric and environment-friendly, Italian pizza oven.  

My Pie Pizzeria Romana is the perfect spot next to Central Park to try a very good slice of pizza at a reasonable price.

You can find this place at the intersection of Lexington Avenue and 57th Street, a few minutes on foot from the Plaza Hotel