The Balto Statue in Central Park

In CENTRAL PARK, near the Zoo, there is a bronze statue of a dog. The statue commemorates Balto, the famous sled dog.

Why is there a Balto statue in Central Park?

A terrible diphtheria hit Nome in Alaska in 1925. There was insufficient antitoxin to treat all of the sick until teams of mushers and sled dogs braved a blinding blizzard and traveled 674 miles to deliver the medicine.

One of the heroic lead dogs was Balto, a husky.

In honour of such bravery, the city of New York commissioned the renowned Brooklyn-born sculptor Frederick George Richard Roth to create a permanent memorial.

On December 15, 1925, Roth unveiled the statue.

The real Balto himself was the most important of the honored guests.

Can I take a photo with the Balto Statue in Central Park?

Balto’s statue has been a favorite for the past nine decades, as evidenced by the deep burnishing of his ears and back. Children and others frequently climb up on him for a photo opportunity or to reflect on life and the moving words on the statue’s plaque: Endurance Fidelity Intelligence. Excellent words for today’s heroes and heroines!

Where can I find the Balto statue in Central Park?

His statue, a Park favorite, can be found west of East Drive and 67th Street, north of the Zoo. To get directions to the Statue of Balto in Central Park, use GOOGLE MAPS.

What else can I do after I visited Central Park?

While you are in CENTRAL PARK, we suggest you to visit the Gaptstow Bridge and the Wollman Rink. Both of them are key spots of famous movies.

Have a look to the section dedicated to MOVIES & TV SERIES in our BLOG.

Also, if you visit during the HOLIDAY SEASON, leave the park from its south-east entrance (the one in front of the PLAZA HOTEL) and visit the HOLIDAY WINDOWS at Bloomingdale’s.

From there, only few steps more direction east, you will find the restaurant SERENDIPITY 3 and also the starting point of the ROOSEVELT ISLAND TRAMWAY.