Best Statue of Liberty View Points NYC (Free and Tourist friendly)

The Statue of Liberty is a must-see attraction in NYC and visitors from all around the world come to catch a glimpse of it from its Best View Points.

In this article of my NYC BLOG, I will explain you in details where to find the best Statue of Liberty view points to ensure you make the most of your visit.

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View of the Statue of Liberty Island in NYC from an Helicopter

History of the Statue of Liberty

France gave the United States a gift in the form of the Statue of Liberty, which Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi designed and unveiled on October 28, 1886. The sculpture portrays Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom, holding a torch and a stone etched with the date of the United States Declaration of Independence. Since its creation, the Statue of Liberty has become a powerful symbol of freedom, hope, and the American Dream. This is why it is really useful to know where are the best view points to see the Statue of Liberty!

Where is the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, and visitors must take a ferry to reach the island. Once you are on the island you get to the point with the best and closest view of the statue of liberty. Ferries depart from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan and Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey. Both locations are easily accessible by public transportation, including buses, subways, and trains. If you’re driving, there are several parking garages located near Battery Park, and Liberty State Park has its own parking lot.
Statue of Liberty view from behind

Best Statue of Liberty View Points

There are numerous locations to see the Statue of Liberty from different angles and distances. Here are some of the best:

Battery Park (the most tourist friendly Statue of Liberty view point in Manhattan)

Located at the southern tip of Manhattan, Battery Park offers an unobstructed view point of the Statue of Liberty. With its waterfront promenade, lush gardens, and historical monuments, it’s a lovely place to spend a few hours taking in the sights.

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Battery Park view point of the Statue of Liberty in NYC

Liberty State Park (New Jersey)

Just across the Hudson River in New Jersey, Liberty State Park boasts incredible views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Manhattan skyline. Enjoy a picnic or stroll along the two-mile-long waterfront walkway.

Governors Island (a green point to best view the Statue of Liberty)

A short ferry ride from Manhattan, Governors Island provides breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor. The island is home to historical landmarks, art installations, and various seasonal events. A lot of Newyorkers believe this is the best view point of the Statue of Liberty in all NYC.

Governors Island Viewpoint Statue of Liberty NYC with trees and lights

Staten Island Ferry (Free moving point to see the Statue of Liberty)

The Staten Island Ferry is a free and convenient way to catch a glimpse of Lady Liberty. The ferry runs 24/7, offering magnificent views of the statue and the surrounding harbor during the 25-minute ride.

Although the Staten Island Ferry does not come too close to the Statue of Liberty, in my opinion it is still a great vantage point to admire it for free.

Orange Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty for free at Sunset with pink sky

Brooklyn Bridge Park (just on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge)

Nestled under the Brooklyn Bridge, this park features stunning panoramas of the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline, and the iconic bridge itself.

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Statue of Liberty Tours

For a more up-close and personal experience to view the Statue of Liberty, consider taking a tour that will bring you to iconic points:

Statue Cruises

Statue Cruises is the official ferry service to Liberty and Ellis Islands. The ferry ride includes an audio tour and access to the grounds of both islands.

Home to the Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island offers a unique opportunity to see the statue up close and personal. A visit to the island includes an audio tour, access to the pedestal, and an optional visit to the crown (advanced reservations required).

Once the gateway for over 12 million immigrants, Ellis Island now houses the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration. Combine your visit with a trip to Liberty Island for a deeper understanding of America’s history.

Other Unique Statue of Liberty Experiences

For an extraordinary perspective, try these alternatives:

Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours offer a bird’s-eye view of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan skyline, and surrounding landmarks. These thrilling experiences can be a bit pricey but are definitely worth it for the unforgettable memories.

Red Helicopter flying over the Statue of Liberty

Sailing Tours

Enjoy a leisurely sail around New York Harbor while taking in the views of the Statue of Liberty and the city skyline. Several companies offer sailing tours, including options for sunset and nighttime cruises.

Tips for Visiting the Best Statue of Liberty View Points

  • Arrive early to avoid crowds, especially at popular locations like Battery Park and Liberty State Park.
  • Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly.
  • Bring binoculars or a camera with a good zoom lens for better viewing.
  • Be prepared for security screenings if visiting Liberty Island or Ellis Island.

Conclusion on the Best view points of the Statue of Liberty

Whether you prefer to admire the Statue of Liberty from afar or up close, there are plenty of viewpoints and experiences to choose from. By exploring different locations and taking advantage of tours, you’ll be able to create a unique and memorable experience that captures the essence of Lady Liberty and her significance in American history.


  1. How much does it cost to visit the Statue of Liberty?

    Access to Liberty Island and the grounds of the Statue of Liberty is free, but you must purchase a ferry ticket through Statue Cruises to reach the island.

  2. Can I visit the crown of the Statue of Liberty?

    Yes, but you must make advanced reservations through Statue Cruises, as access is limited and often sells out months in advance.

  3. What are the operating hours for the Statue of Liberty?

    Liberty Island is generally open daily from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm, but hours may vary by season. It’s best to check the National Park Service website for the most up-to-date information.

  4. Are there any restrictions on what I can bring to Liberty Island?

    Yes, large items such as luggage, coolers, and oversized backpacks are not allowed on Liberty Island. There are also restrictions on food and beverages. Check the National Park Service website for a complete list of prohibited items.

  5. How long does it take to visit Liberty Island and Ellis Island?

    A typical visit to both islands, including ferry transportation, can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours, depending on how much time you spend exploring each location.

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