How do I get to DUMBO from Manhattan?

Visiting DUMBO is a must-do while in New York. It is a very nice Brooklyn neighbourhood in NYC, very safe, and full of things to do and places to eat. But how do I get to DUMBO from Manhattan?

In this blog we will discover various options:

But first a little introduction about My Christmas Lights Tours that, during the second stop, take you to discover DUMBO at night and admire the millions of lights on the Manhattan Skyline

Visiting DUMBO during the Holiday Season

If you are visiting NYC during the HOLIDAY SEASON (November 24th, 2023 to December 30th, 2023), we (Discover NYC & My Christmas in New York) will come to DUMBO as part of my Christmas Lights Tour. After visiting DYKER HEIGHTS in Brooklyn, DUMBO will be the second stop on my tour.

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If you are not visiting NYC during the holiday season, there are three ways to get from Manhattan to DUMBO.

This mini-guide will go over each of them in detail in the hopes that it will help you plan your next trip to New York.

What does DUMBO in New York stands for?

DUMBO is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. In fact, this neighbourhood is sandwiched between two iconic NYC bridges: the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge.

Where are the best spots to visit in DUMBO?

The map below will help you understand a bit more DUMBO. In fact, you will find the location where you can walk down from the Brooklyn Bridge (see the section below for more information on how to get to DUMBO on foot) as well as other key locations in the area.

How do I walk from Manhattan to DUMBO?

My preferred «mode of transportation» to DUMBO is walking. This includes both crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and visiting DUMBO in Brooklyn.

However, do not underestimate the amount of walking you will do in NYC. This is one of the 5 BIGGEST MISTAKES TOURISTS MAKE WHEN COMING TO NYC FOR THE FIRST TIME. Read the other 4 mistakes.

In fact, the only way to get to DUMBO on foot is to walk almost all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan.

When you reach the Brooklyn side of the bridge, the pedestrian path will split in two.

Take the left fork and go down a short flight of stairs to Washington Street.

Washington Street in DUMBO is where we stop with my Christmas Lights Tour and then go to see the Skyline together in the Nighttime

The image below illustrates which side of the bridge you must take.

Here’s a photo of the stairs you’ll have to climb.

After descending the stairs, walk down Washington Street toward the water to find yourself in the heart of DUMBO. It’s a piece of cake.

How do I take the Subway from Manhattan to DUMBO?

From Midtown Manhattan to High Street, we recommend taking the A/C Train.

Take the Cadman Plaza West exit as you exit the subway station.

You will then turn left, toward the overhead highway.

The street’s name changes to Old Fulton Street.

Walk down the hill and to the left as you approach the East River.

When it comes to Subway in New York City, we have three articles on my blog that will help you plan your trip and answer your questions about the NYC Subway.


How do I get from Manhattan to DUMBO by Ferry?

Taking the East River Ferry to DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge Park is an excellent option.

This ferry runs between MANHATTAN and BROOKLYN. Take the ferry from Wall Street/Pier 11 to DUMBO in four minutes. If you want to take a more scenic route, board the ferry at East 34th Street and travel down the East River, stopping briefly in Greenpoint and Williamsburg.

A one-way ticket costs $2.75 and is available at the Wall Street/Pier 11 ticket booth, onboard the ferry, or through the NYC Ferry Website.

The ferry is also a great way to see the New York City skyline. We recommend that you look at two sections of my blog.

The first is about the SKYLINE in NYC, where you’ll find lots of useful articles and tips on where to go to get the best views of the New York Skyline.

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