5 Mistakes Tourists Make When Visiting New York

Tourists who have never been to New York City before will find this list of 5 common mistakes useful. In NYC, you’ll find tons of interesting things to see and do, as well as a wide variety of experiences. A city this large, crowded, and singular might be overwhelming to first-time visitors.

New York City is a great place to visit, but it’s also a great place to make some mistakes. You should do some research ahead of time to avoid wasting time and money on things that may not be worth it. To save you time, we’ve already done some of the legwork for you. We’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes first-time visitors to New York City should avoid.


The yellow cabs of New York City are well-known for a variety of reasons, yet neither their speed nor their cost are among them. Visitors to New York City who arrive during rush hour may find themselves stranded for hours on end. The subway is speedier and less expensive, but it has its drawbacks as well. Another mistake tourists make while visiting New York is failing to do some research on the city’s unusually complex ticketing system.

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Error number 2 of the 5 mistakes most tourists make when visiting New York for the first time is to ONLY eat at chain restaurants.

The amount of restaurants in New York City is genuinely mind-boggling, covering a wide variety of cuisines. Some visitors, however, opt straight for the known names, such as McDonald’s and Pizza Hut, and are baffled as to why the dining scene here is so popular. Try some of the smaller local restaurants to get a real taste of the United States. Similarly, if you’re looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, don’t overlook the little boutiques in your neighborhood.

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When public transportation, such as the subway and buses, can help you get around town, you should plan on walking quite a bit while exploring New York’s museums, stores, and other surrounding attractions. Wearing comfortable shoes for long days of walking about the city is essential because of the heavy traffic and long lines that you’ll encounter while you’re there; this is especially true if you’ll be standing in line for hours at a time.

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Among the mistakes most tourists make when visiting New York for the first times there is also the one of never leaving Manhattan.

All four boroughs outside of Manhattan have their own distinct personalities and things to see and do. A special mention should be given to Brooklyn in this context. The Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline can be seen from the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge, which is an excellent starting point. While there are less well-known landmarks to visit, you’ll get a more accurate sense of what New York City is like on a day-to-day basis. If you don’t have roughly a month to spare, you shouldn’t try to see all five boroughs in one trip.

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Because Broadway theaters and the plays they routinely stage are so popular, anyone trying to get tickets on the day of the performance will almost certainly be disappointed. In the event that you do manage to find an open seat, the cost of occupying it will be prohibitive. There are daily lotteries for tickets to some of the most popular events, but your chances of winning are quite low. Instead, make your reservations online as far in advance as possible.

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