Roller-Skating at the Rockefeller Center – Key info

Are you ready for a roller-skating adventure at the Rockefeller Center?

The winter ice-skating season is drawing to a close but the celebration will continue after the ice thaws this year.

For the first time since 1940, the sunken plaza in the heart of Midtown’s Art Deco complex will be transformed into a roller rink.

We love the Rockefeller Center during the holiday season, its beautiful Christmas Tree and ice-skating Rink. However, we are now so excited to see it now in a new guise.

The new rink will open on April 15.

Tickets starts at $20 but can go up to $40 for adults.

The Roller-Skating rink at the Rockefeller Center is open until late in the evening and is a fun way to spend an evening in New York City with friends. Please refer to the nightlife section of our blog for additional excellent suggestions

In 1940 the owners of the Rockefeller Center tried to install the first roller-skating rink but it was not a success. The plaza has also hosted flower shows and concerts, including one by Aerosmith in 2018.

The roller rink will be about half as large as a traditional skating rink. In this way there will be space on the plaza for tables and chairs. What a great way to eat a meal while watching people roller-skating at the Rockefeller Center!

Expect a bit of everything on the rink, from “meditative” early morning skate sessions to disco nights. On Sundays, there will be gospel music playing.

During this summer season, restaurants will open in the concourse. The good news is that they will be located away from windows so that they do not block views of the rink. In addition, there are takeout options available in the underground corridors.

Tickets are already on sale

What to do after Roller-Skating at the Rockefeller Center

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